Chris Archer to Mets?

Ok, before you unfollow me or start sending me “are you crazy” tweets, hear me out, or at least read the below.  The Mets have made the playoffs two straight years and to make it three they need to step up once again this offseason.  Cubs, Nats, Dodgers, Giants, Braves, Cardinals, Pirates and so on all plan on making moves to get better, so why not look at Chris Archer.

I know, you are saying “We don’t need pitching”, but why not.  The Mets currently have a surplus of LH hitting outfielders and their main task is resigning Cespedes.  So how will 3-4 LH hitting outfielders (Grandy, Conforto, Bruce, Nimmo) along with Lagares and Cespedes all play?  Well simple, make a few trades.  Don’t also discount Fowler, who would be a great fit at the top of this lineup.

So now here comes the trade.  Now in my head this all sounds amazing, but would Tampa really do this?  Who knows, but at least my rational is on par.  Ok, so here is goes. I would send Tampa the following: Lucas Duda, Zack Wheeler, Seth Lugo, Gavin Cecchini, and Brandon Nimmo.  Now in return, I would ask for Chris Archer and Corey Dickerson.  Now I would still trade Jay Bruce for prospects or relief pitching, but now you have a real team ready to go.  You can also go out and get Fowler, and have an outfield of Cespedes, Fowler and Grandy, with Dickerson and Lagares off the bench. How does that sounds?  Conforto you say, well he moves to 1B full time with Flores as his RH hitting counterpart.  This will give you an infield of Conforto, Walker, Cabrera, and Wright.  Flores, Reyes and Rivera are now your main backups with all three able to play at least 3 of the 4 infield positions.

Now you say we loss Wheeler.  Yes, but we gain Archer.  How does this rotation look, Noah, Archer, DeGrom, Harvey, Matz?  You now have Gsellman as your 6th starter, with Ynoa as your emergency 7th starter.  Also every year there is that fringe starter in triple 8 who you can plug in as your 8th guy when needed.

Why would Tampa make this trade?  Well in return they get two major league ready starting pitchers, a LH hitting first baseman with power and relatively cheap and a SS and OF who can come in and start on the major league level.  Tampa does not need single and double A prospects, they said they need to make moves to compete now…

Just remember, the Nats are looking at Sale, the Braves have upgraded, the Dodgers, Cubs, etc… are not going to sit back and not stack the deck.  Be bold Mets, go get it done.

Proposed 25 man roster

  1. Cespedes – OF
  2. Grandy – OF
  3. Fowler – OF
  4. Lagares – OF
  5. Dickerson – OF
  6. Conforto – INF
  7. Walker – INF
  8. Cabrera – INF
  9. Wright – INF
  10. Reyes – INF
  11. Flores – INF
  12. Rivera- INF
  13. Travis – C
  14. Plawecki – C
  15. Noah – SP
  16. Archer – SP
  17. DeGrom – SP
  18. Harvey – SP
  19. Matz – SP
  20. Gsellman – RP
  21. Reed – RP
  22. Familia – RP
  23. Robles – RP
  24. TBD – RP
  25. TBD – RP



Changes? Really?

Well Mets fans are officially checked into “Panic City” and as every Mets fan does who has a twitter account they have been calling for changes for weeks, heck months now.  But now with a day off, and Terry Collins saying a shakeup is going to happen, it is going to take more than Plawecki getting demoted to satisfy panic city’s thirst for change.

Lets be honest, I fall under the “Mets fan with a twitter account” and yes a blog.  And as the 3-4 people who have read my stuff you know I am in for change as much as the next fan.  I call for change in lineups, change in players.  After watching my beloved Mets lose 3 straight games to the Braves, who no matter how bad they are I hate still because of those 15 years of dominance, I want change now more than ever.  However what is the right change….

The starting pitching outside of Harvey has been great as the bullpen has been pretty darn good also.  Bastardo and Robles withstanding of course.  The Mets are 2nd in baseball in ERA, so lets go easy on the changes besides a few tweaks, say getting rid of Robles.  The starters are pressing and blaming themselves for these 3-2 losses.  They know once they give up 1 run, it is almost as if they gave up 4-5.  This puts pressure on the pitchers and maybe causes them to be to fine, push to much.

Now Travis is coming back, we know that.  Plawecki has shown zero in his 1 + years replacing Travis, so he is going down with Rivera as the better choice to play every 3-4 games to give Travis a break.  But what is next?  Conforto you say? I say yes, but is there better? Do we let him hit out of this on the MLB level? Is Nimmo the answer as he is the shiny new car in the garage? I say yes, but I say no.  I think he should stay.  Nimmo has been impressive, but lets be honest, it has been in hitter friendly Las Vegas where Eric Campbell is a career .328 hitter.  Nimmo has put together a good stretch, but also only hit .259 in double A in 509 at bats.  He will walk as he has very good plate discipline, but he won’t be Conforto.  In the end I say keep Conforto here, let him hit 7th or 8th and roll with it.

So where should the change come? Should it be Dilson and slide Walker to 3rd? I say yes. As most Mets fans are, I am a huge fan of Flores, but I think he can slide back into his utility role, play 4 times a week at 1st, 2nd, and SS and still be very productive.  Dilson will add some needed speed, enthusiasm and youth to a team that needs a jump start.  Plug him and lets see what happens.

Fans, I think the real change we need to call for is the lineup.  Terry has switched a few things around, but in all honesty he hasn’t switched up the top of lineup enough.  Curtis MUST be moved out of the leadoff spot and down in the order so his pop could produce a 2-3 run home run instead of these solo shots.  Curtis is well over a .330 hitter leading off the game, and well a .200 hitter the rest of the time.  CHANGE is needed in the lineup.  Based on the above with Travis back, Conforto staying and Dilson coming I would make the following lineup CHANGE:

1 – Dilson – Plug and play, make things happen

2- Travis – I think putting him 8th to start year was HUGE Mistake

3- Walker – Lets see what he does at 3 slot

4 – Cespedes – Outside of a minor slump, been Mets best hitter

5 – Grandy – Put the pop in the pop spot

6 – Cabrera – He is solid, helps bottom half of lineup

7- Conforto – Get right my friend

8- Looney – He has to hit someplace, good eye, get on base and clear pitchers slot in order

Mets fans, we don’t need to move Las Vegas to NYC.  We need to get healthy, stay in contention and get back on track. Change is needed, but not all change has to be with players.  Sometimes the manager has to shake things up in the order.  Terry, it is your time to shine…..

Little League Lineup?

The Mets fans have officially entered “Panic City” after dropping 2 of 3 to the Sox and going 4-6 on the last home stand.  The Mets currently sit 29-23, 3 games behind the Nationals.  Outside of Harvey, and take away the last week of bullpen meltdown, the Mets pitching has been everything as advertised.  Thor/Matz have shown signs of being future (if not already) number 1 and number 2 starters for the Mets for year’s to come.  DeGrom has been back to normal the last two starts, after funky spring schedule, baby being born and maybe some 2015 innings hangover.  Bartolo has been Bartolo, solid beer league pitcher who just gets it done with a bad game thrown in here and there.  So why are we 29-23 and in “Panic City”.  Well the hitting has been a problem as it was for 2/3 of the 2015 season.  This is a Little League Lineup, and no not because the players should be in little league.

I had the pleasure of coaching my two boys in little league this season at the 1st and 2nd grade coach pitch level.  Our team was made up of 11 kids, with 5-6 kids who can hit and 4-5 that we clap after the third strike or the week ground ball to SS or Pitcher.  The Mets lineup currently is in the “little league” state of disrepair.  There are 4-5 who can hit, then the 3-4 who are batting about .200… If I had a dollar every time Plawecki hit a bouncer to 3B I would be writing this blog from a tropical beach and not an office.  If I had a dollar every time I hear “Campbell hits the ball hard and makes hard outs” I wouldn’t need to win the Powerball jackpot.  The Mets started the year with depth.  a 5th outfielder who could have been a 3rd or 4th outfielder on many teams, a utility infielder who hit 16 home runs in 2015, and a backup catcher who was once a top organizational prospect.  Well now we find ourselves back to July 2015 with guys like Campbell, Kelly, Plawecki and Rivera getting too much playing time.

What can be done? Yes, Duda, Wright and Travis are hurt, the trade market is yet to really form and the minors are empty of MLB ready prospects… Well the first thing is to shift the lineup around.  Back to my little league reference, myself and my other coach always wrestled with how we set the order.  Do we stack the top, hope for big innings and let the 4-5 “little guys” strike out every other inning?  Do we mix and match the good with the bad, will that kill a rally… Well the Mets are currently stacking the order but not getting the big inning.  Maybe it is time with this roster to try option B, mix and match.  Terry has never been one to make changes in the order besides little tinkering here and there.  But what about a big change, shake it up a bit and move some guys around.  Put guys in different situations.  Heck, why not, the team sits 28th in avg and bottom tier in runs scored.  So if this was my little league roster I would put the following line-up out there this weekend and see what happens.  Hey it is worth a shot:

  1. Asdrubal – He has been getting hits, doesn’t walk much but better .avg and OBP
  2. Loney – Solid contact guy, good spray hitter, doesn’t strike out much
  3. Conforto – He will hit again, too good not to
  4. Cespedes – Yup he is 4th hitter
  5. Walker – Been very good behind Cespedes
  6. Curtis – We need his pop lower in the order to help for big innings
  7. Flores – He needs to play everyday at 3B, get AB’s as hit 16 bombs in 2015
  8. Plawecki/Rivera – Well someone has to bat there and they combined under .200

Harvey to Dodgers?

Ok before you reply with nasty tweets and call me ugly and stupid, hear me out.  The Mets are deep in pitching even after trading Neise to the Pirates.  DeGrom and Thor are legit #1 starters and Matz should show this year why he is considered a possible third #1 starter.  We have Wheeler coming back in July and Montero, Verrett, Torres and Gilmartin all can start.  The Mets can resign Colon and even possibly look at a middle of the road starter as a FA to fill the 4th or 5th slot.  So what would the Mets get for Harvey? How will this benefit the Mets?

The Dodgers are about to be in desperate mode.  They can not fall back into a silent stage as Arizona and San Francisco build teams for now and the next few years.  The main “big” FA starters have all signed, with a few stragglers waiting to be over paid as second tier guys.  As we saw with Shelby Miller, teams are willing to give up talent for pitching.  Could the Mets get the haul that ATL got, probably not, but would you be willing to get this in return:

Dodgers Get: Matt Harvey

Mets Get: Joc Pederson, a 23 year old CF who was an all-star, hit 26 home runs and had a .346 OBP.  Yes he did hit .210, but that will pick up and his OBP shows patience at the plate.  Plus he is a LH hitting which would work well with Lagares in CF.  Jose De Leon, a 23 year old RH Starting pitcher who is ranked 3rd in the Dodgers strong system.  Jose can spend 2016 in the minor leagues becoming a finished product.  We have seen how the last few (4-5) young hard throwing pitchers have done with the Mets minor league coaches.

How does your lineup look after the trade.  Pretty darn tough with lots of power. Granderson, Walker, Wright, Duda, D’Arnaud, Conforto,  Pederson, Cabrera.  An outfield of Conforto and Pederson could be very deadly for the next 5 years at least.

Now there can be more to this trade of course, but if this was done not to many Met fans would complain.  Time to pray on the need of a high dollar team with a loaded farm system.

Is Cespedes so far off MVP?

I have been in a ton of twitter debates today on whether Harper should be the MVP.  My thought is “How is Harper most valuable player” on a second place team that has very little chance of postseason play.  People say the National’s would be down with the Marlin’s, Phillies, and Braves if not for Harper.  I say they are with those 3 teams as none of them are making the playoff no matter how many more wins the Nationals have.  So it begs the question, is Harper the “Most Valuable Player”?  Before you call me a “homer”, and hating on Harper, I think he is having an amazing season and deserves to win “offensive player of the year”, not “Most Valuable Player”.

Now I agree 36-60 games or whatever Cespedes ends up with as a Met does not make an MVP season.  But overall Cespedes has been “Most Valuable” to the Mets in 36 games then Harper has been to the Nationals.  Mets are now in 1st place since the trade, the Nationals are now in 2nd place.  Should Cespedes be MVP, probably not, however I don’t think Harper should be either.

Now the second argument made is Harper’s numbers make him the MVP and because his team and bullpen stink, he is not on a playoff team.  So I decdied to look at this from a whole, not as Cespedes as a Met, but Cespedes as a player in 2015.  What does his numbers look like next to Harper’s if we take out “Team”.  Cespedes’s numbers stack up pretty well with Harper’s.  Yes you can say because Harper has 3x as many walks as Cespedes his AB’s are lower, so less opportunities to get hits.  However we can throw in factors all day long, remember this is just fun to look at. Harper’s numbers are top, Cespedes bottom.

Avg (Harper Wins)
OBP (Harper Wins)
Hits (Cespedes Wins)
Runs (Harper Wins)
Doubles (Cespedes Wins)
Triples (Cespedes Wins)
RBI (Cespedes Wins)
HR (Harper Wins)
Total Bases (Cespedes Wins)
OPS (Harper Wins)

Overall Harper is offensive player of the year hands down, but if you put in the factor of who is “Most Valuable” to their team, Cespedes is in the running.  In the end Rizzo, Mccuchten, Kershaw, Grienke and even Votto can write a similar blog to this one supporting their case.  Either way these are my thoughts in more than 140 characters.

Happy Reading…..

This is a TEAM!

I have been very hard on Terry Collins, Sandy Alderson and Curtis Granderson this year. I have asked if TC can manage a winning team, asked for MLB to investigate the Mets and Sandy, and called for Curtis to never play against LHP or leadoff a game for this team.  Well for my 7 loyal readers of this blog I am here to say I was wrong.  This TEAM is a TEAM.

TC has managed this TEAM through highs of highs and lows of lows.  Not once has this TEAM quit on TC this year. That says something.  He has not always made the right pitching move in game, put out the smartest lineup but this TEAM has not quit on him and now plays as if they would run through a wall for him.

Sandy went out and added TEAM players.  Yes Cespedes is flashy with his Mr. T chains hanging out, his bright yellow sleeve and his underhand throws, however he came here with a TEAM attitude.  He said he would play center field and has been solid on the field with no fan fair other than flash.  Uribe, Johnson and Clippard all came in, accepted their roles and added talent to this team.

Grandy has been a pro.  He has lead this TEAM by never giving up, never throwing hissy fits, nothing.  He has been everything that he was advertised in the clubhouse and community even if he hasn’t fully lived up on the field.  When you look at his numbers in the leadoff spot they have been very good and now that he has talent behind him he continues to flourish.

Last night in the 9th inning was when I realized I would be writing about this TEAM today.  The Mets gave up 4 runs to make the game 6-4.  Lagares, who has been relegated to the bench unless a lefty is pitching, came up to lead off.  He put the ball in play and was safe on an error.  The next batter was the before mentioned Grandy.  He hit what looked like a single that he stretched into a double with pure hustle.  While doing so he forced a throw that ended up skipping away from the Phillies and allowed Lagares to score.  Lagares never hesitated, watched the play the whole way and ended up scoring.  The Mets were up two runs and having 1st and 3rd with no outs would be huge, but because of hustle it ended up a run scoring double.  That is TEAM…. Next up was Cespedes.  He hit what was a sure standup double, scored Grandy and that would give the Mets a 4 run lead.  But nope, hustle lead him to a triple.  Now do you think Grandy’s hustle on the prior play motivated Cespedes to go 3 instead of an easy 2?  I do.  Again 9th inning hustle, which lead to a Murphy sac fly and a 9-4 easy victory.  This is a TEAM.

I have wrote the word TEAM in all caps today to invoke the notion that this Mets group is a TEAM.  There is no one player, no one goal besides winning.  This is a TEAM.  The Nationals will not catch the Mets because they are untalented, because they can’t hit, catch or run, no the Nationals won’t catch the Mets because they are not a TEAM.  Their big deadline move was a pitcher who wouldn’t come in and do what was needed, he would only CLOSE games.  Yeah that is not a TEAM player.  While the Nationals can have their “Me First” players, I will take the job Sandy did in putting together this TEAM…

Finally, Lets go METS!! I believe in this TEAM!

Look Ahead, Playoffs, Dodgers?

The Mets are rolling again and with this pitching staff, the easiest schedule in MLB and the Nationals falling like the Chinese stock market the Mets are on pace to make the playoffs.  Yes there is a lot of baseball left to be played, but in these good times it is fun to look ahead to what could be an epic first two games of a playoff series.

Now that the Nationals are done playing the Dodgers, Mets fans should continue to look at the Dodgers as a potential first round matchup and work towards home field advantage.  As we have seen in the last 10-15 days Citi Field can be loud and rambunctious when meaningful games are taking place.  So now I look ahead at what could be a first round matchup, what could be an epic pitching battle.

Lets say all goes to plan and the Mets and Dodgers are the 2nd and 3rd teams for the playoffs.  The Cardinals get the WC winner and Mets will host the Dodgers.  Here is what not only Mets fans but baseball fans could be drooling about come October.

Game #1 – Harvey vs. Kershaw.  Since the all-star break Harvey is 3-1 with a 1.23 ERA.  Outstanding, however Kershaw is 4-0 with a 0.92 ERA.  Very Outstanding.  Now throw in that Kershaw has struggled in post season and Harvey loves the big stage, and epic is the word I can use to describe this.  If this game is at Citi Field they better check the structure for cracks as the stadium could come down.

Game #2 – DeGrom vs. Greinke.  Since the all-star break DeGrom is 2-0 with a 1.64 ERA.  Outstanding… Greinke is 4-0 with a 2.07 ERA.  Outstanding.  It is even better if you take away his one bad outing in the 2nd half so far.  Again if this game is at Citi Field it could be epic just like game #1.

I could go on about games #3 and #4.  How Noah is 2-2 with a 2.81 ERA and Neise is as good at 2-1 with a 2.93 ERA since the break. The Dodgers do not have another starter with an ERA under 4 besides Mike Bolsinger but lets be honest, he doesn’t stike fear into Mets fans.  Besides with Brett Anderson and Matt Latos being #3 and #4 on the depth chart we probably wouldn’t see Bolsinger.

Mets fans enjoy the ride we are on, but also take a moment to look ahead.  Its been an up and down year and we are up at the right time.  This year could be magical with this pitching staff.

Offense, Trade, Good One

Well the all-star break ended and the Mets went back to work.  Well the pitching outside of Colon went back to work as Thor and Neise both walked away from games they should have won.  Neise got a ND while Thor took a hard luck loss.  It all added up to one thing, this team can not score.  We all have great trades in mind, we all think we can fix this team.  I am no different.  If I was sitting in Sandy’s office and making calls, here is the trade I would be calling about.  I believe this trade would help the offense not only this year, but going into 2016.  The only issue is are the Mets able to take on a salary dump and act like a real MLB franchise, one that was just valued at 1.35 billion.

I am sure you all have your own trades in mind, and this one will not be popular among some of you based on PED.  But if ARod can help the cross town Yankees to first place, Peralta can continue to crush Mets pitching, this guy surley could be welcomed and help lead the Mets to victory.

Trade:  NY Mets send Brandom Nimmo (#2 prospect), Gabriel Ynoa (#11 prospect) and Matt Bowman (#13 prospect) to the Milwaukee Brewers for Ryan Braun and Geraldo Parra.

Analysis:  Parra is a rental as contract is for 2015, but also would be a solid signing for future as a 4th outfielder.  He would be a huge upgrade in the outfield with both Lagares (Slumping/Elbow) and Cuddyer (Knee) struggling.  Between Grandy, Parra and Lagares you would have a nice little platoon.  Biggest thing Parra would bring is a leadoff bat.  This would allow Grandy to provide power in the middle as he was brought here to do.  Braun on the other hand would bring a big stick to the Mets.  He was an all-star but has a huge contract and checkered past.  If the Mets pick up his salary they can limit the prospects to a degree they would need to trade.  Braun sitting in the middle of the lineup would add protection to Duda which could help the slugger get back on track.  If Cuddyer is out for a long time or if the Mets decide Lagares should/needs surgery on elbow adding Parra and Braun to the outfield improves this team tremendously.

Lineup post trade: Boom, the trade is made and your new lineup looks like this – 1) Parra 2)D’Arnaud 3)Duda 4)Braun 5)Grandy 6)Murphy 7)Flores 8)Tejada

It is time for Sandy to wake up and make this teams young pitching matter.. The East is open for the taking with Washington battling its own injuries. Lets be honest, do you expect Washington to sit back at the trade deadline?  I didn’t think so.

2015 Predictions/How am I doing?

In the beginning of the year we all had our ideas, predictions, etc.. Well now that we are at the All-Star break and 89 games into the season I decided to take a look back to see where the players are and how they are projected to finish up.  As you will see I am not very far off on some, but pretty far off on others.  The Mets offense has been bad this year and my projections did not account for how bad they actually are. If these numbers are any indication this team is playing way above their heads right now and pitching has carried this team. Happy reading and hope your projections where a little better than mine.

Travis D’ArnaudProjected 2015 Stats – .273/16/57 – On Pace – .296/4/17 (No timetable for Travis Return)

Lucas Duda \- Projected 2015 Stats – .280/28/88 – On Pace – .241/22/70

Daniel Murphy – Projected 2015 Stats – .302/12/65 – On Pace – .277/11/63

Wilmer Flores – Projected 2015 Stats – .271/15/52 – On Pace – .252/19/72

David Wright – Projected 2015 Stats – .284/17/82 – On Pace – .333/1/4 (No timetable for David Wright to play in 2015)

Michael Cuddyer –  Projected 2015 Stats: .278/20/80 – On Pace – .244/14/56

Juan Lagares – Projected 2015 Stats: .281/10/50 – On Pace – .256/6/46

Curtis Granderson – Projected 2015 Stats: .259/19/74 – On Pace – .243/23/52

Bench Players:

  • John Mayberry Jr. – .260/8/25 – .188/7/21
  • Ruben Tejada – .275/1/15 – .237/5/32
  • Eric Campbell – .265/2/18 – .174/7/34
  • Anthony Recker – .225/8/25 – N/A in Minors
  • Kirk Nieuwenhuis – .258/5/22 – .146/7/19

Time for MLB to Step In?

First off if you have not read Mike Vaccaro’s (NY Post) article in the NY Post last week you should.  It is probably the best article written on the Mets to date, here is the link –

Now onto the Mets and their current situation.  I am pulling for this Mets team to win.  I am watching the making of what could be one of the best young pitching staffs in recent memory, and finally I am watching a team make moves and non-moves that is sending a BIG MARKET team spiraling out of contention.  Tuesday’s game had three of the four hitters (6-9) in the order batting under .200.  Yes that includes the pitcher but as many point out the pitchers are hitting better then the hitters.  The Mets bench is a joke and their everyday line-up is made up of players who have no business being starters, maybe no business being major leaguers.

As I watched the game last night I could only think one thing, and this one thing has been on my mind for months.  Why did MLB strip the Dodgers ownership of the team? Has MLB actually looked into the Mets owners viability to run a big market club?  So I decided to look back today and see what I can find.  The reading below is amazing.

Quotes from Bob Nightengale USA Today Article, 4/21/11 – Commissioner Bud Selig, angry and frustrated by the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ grave financial woes, stripped the team Wednesday from owner Frank McCourt and announced that Major League Baseball will seize immediate control of the franchise. “I have taken this action because of my deep concerns regarding the finances and operations of the Dodgers and to protect the best interests of the club,” Selig said in a statement. ” … We owe it to their legion of loyal fans to ensure that this club is being operated properly now and guided appropriately in the future.”

This is just a super small sample of the whole story with the Dodgers.  MLB did its due diligence to find all the facts and investigate how the Dodgers where being run into the ground and financial shape they were in.  The Dodgers where forced to sell and since the sale of the team money has been invested back into the franchise to rejuvenate it.  The Dodgers have been at the forefront of the NL West since then (Yes Giants have been wild card team) since MLB stepped in.

If you read the quote above from Selig you can say to yourself “This sounds very similar to the Mets issues right now”.  Mets are a BIG MARKET Team and their payroll sits 21st in MLB according to Deadspin and SI.  Just to see where that falls in terms of SMALL MARKET Teams (Deadspin/SI) = Seattle (12/11), Cincinnati (14/16, Kansas City (16/17), Minnesota (18/19) and Milwaukee (19/20).  This just is not cutting it for a NY franchise.

In the end Mets fans have a right to be angry right now.  This ownership has sat back and watched as the team drowned in injuries the past two months.  They have not upgraded the team in anyway while the Braves, DBacks, Dodgers, Cubs and Mariners have all been able to make minor trades to help charge forward.

MLB it is time to look into the Mets or inform the fans if you already have.  MLB sitting and watching this happen is as bad as Sandy Alderson sitting and watching the Mets drown in 4A players.