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I am currently living in Phoenix, AZ but grew up in Stony Point NY. I have two young boys who are Mets fans in training. I hope you all enjoy the blog

Its ok to be Angry!

Mets fans it is ok to be angry.  Angry with this team, manager, and management.  Injuries have taken a huge toll on this team and yes I believe things would be different if Wright, Black, Murphy, d’Arnaud, Parnell, Mejia (Suspension) were not all out at different times this year.  However mental mistakes, poor play by veterans and managements do nothing approach has caused this team to hit a wall and hit a wall at high speed.  Team go through injuries, teams go through slumps, but winning organizations address this and try to find fixes.  These fixes are not guys who go through 0-25 slumps followed by a 0-23 slump.  These are not guys who were not minutes away from not being a MLB player to starting everyday.  The pitching staff and young pitching talent is too good to waste.  The Mets are a large market team in a city that was ready for a new MLB leader.  Instead we have watched nothing happen but back talk, posturing and the hope slip away like a fart in the wind.  We have watched the Braves make trades, the Dbacks make trades, and Dodgers.  All trying to help the team now and in the future.  So who should we be angry at?  Well everyone.  We are fans, we pay our money for tickets, MLB packages, paraphernalia, etc… So with that we can be angry.  Here is why I am angry:


  1. Lets be honest, even TC is tired of the players he has and lack of MLB talent he is trying to put out there.  However mental mistakes, lack of creativity and poor bullpen management continue to be his legacy
  2. Grandy is still leading off when the Mets fail to score runs.  He has 11 home runs with 9 of them being solo shots.  The excuse there is no one else to leadoff is a joke.  It is not like Grandy is lighting the world on fire leading off.  Yes besides Duda his OBP is the best, but it is time to move him in a position where he can drive runs in and protect Duda.
  3. How TC can continue to put out the same lineup configuration each day is mind blowing.  He has admitted change is needed, and yes he only has these players to put in the lineup, but come on, at least try Lagares in leadoff spot, Plawecki in 2nd hole.  Something, anything to try and jump start the lineup, players, runs…. What is the worst that can happen, they have scored 9 runs in 7 games with this lineup.  They have been no hit with this lineup.


  1. Mental mistakes.  Both rookies and veterans continue to make mistakes hitting and fielding.  Simple plays become bobbles and big at bats become strike outs.  Players need to be accountable just like manager.
  2. There is no leader, not one stepping up, no one to stir the pot.  DW being hurt has not helped, but he wasn’t that veteran leader anyway.  He is a great guy, great clubhouse guy but not that fiery leader.  Cuddyer is that hard nosed veteran, but since he is struggling so bad how can he lite a fire under this team.
  3. A perfect player would have been Juan Uribe.  From what we know he is a great clubhouse guy and a leader among his teammates.  He has the hardware to back it up by playing in big games and big teams. He is also hitting right now for the Braves, the team ready to overtake the Mets in this division


  1. It is clear the stench of Madoff scandal has not gone away.  This team is not able to pay to play.  They are a small market team stuck in a big market.  The trade market is not empty, the Mets bank is… No matter how many ways Sandy spins things, it is about money come the end of the day
  2. free agent signings have been a disaster.  The trades have been great, the signing not so much. Cuddyer was a signing that I personally thought would be great.  He is a hard nosed player who would only rub off on this team.  Instead he has been a veteran who has seemed overmatched at age 37.  And yes we have 1 more year after 2015.
  3. Lack of trades of young players is killing this team.  The Mets have pitching to go with pitching but not hitting anywhere close to being ready.  It is time to trade, even I say it to get hitting into this organization.  The trade for Piazza changed this team and it is time to do that again.
  4. It is clear Sandy is running the team in terms of lineup and infield configuration. When the end of the year roles around and Sandy continues to be GM we will see Terry shown the door (and rightfully so) with another puppet being out into the dugout.

My rants can go on for hours, but these are my main points.  I will continue to watch, root and hope for this Mets team.  As many of you do, I get angry, and we have 100% right to be angry today!


Mets Best Lineup?

The Mets currently hold a 1.5 game lead over the Nationals thanks mostly in part to some gritty play and the Nationals not playing up to the level we all expected.  In any other division the Mets are looking up at 1-3 teams ahead of them.  But the Mets are a 1st place team and 25 + teams wish they were “the worst first place team in baseball”.

The Mets offense has been brutal at times.  It is obvious they need another big bat in there to help out Duda and our surprise HR and RBI leader Wilmer Flores.  But if we look at the numbers the past two years we can construct a pretty good lineup based on the talent we have.  I believe TC doesn’t construct the lineup to put the best players forward. Bare with me, I do not have the statistics the big boys have, but this lineup could work out well for the Mets.

  1. Juan Lagares – In 2014 Juan it .276 with on base of .329 in 156 at bats.  Juan has been hot the last few weeks and really adds an element of excitement when he gets on base.  He is by no means elite speedster, but he did have 9 stolen bases as a leadoff hitter in 2014.  Time to make the move
  2. Travis d’Arnaud – In limited at bats this year Travis has hit .300 with a .364 on base.  He has 2 home runs and 2 rbi.  He relishes the 2nd spot and thrives in driving in runs.
  3. Lucas Duda – Although Luca’s numbers are better in the cleanup spot, with Murphy out this is Luca’s spot for a while.  This year he has hot .267/.378 with 8 hr and 27 rbi in the 3 hole.
  4. Wilmer Flores – Wait what? He started the year batting 8th… Yes but Wilmer is currently leading the Mets with 10 hr and 32 rbi.  He has shown he can drive in the runs and should not be buried in the order.  He hit cleanup once this year and delivered a HR and BB in that spot.
  5. Michael Cuddyer – Cuddyer has struggled this year trying to be that cleanup hitter, however that was never the intention.  When Cuddyer has hit 5th he has a slash line of .435/.500 with 2 hr and 6 rbi in 23 at bats.
  6. Curtis Granderson – He just is not hitting the ball enough to justify to me the most AB’s per game.  In 2014 Curtis flourished batting 6th in the order with a .328/.403 line with 3 hr and 14 rbi in 67 at bats.
  7. Dilson Herrera – At this point Dilson does not have enough numbers from 2014 or 2015 to really slot him in.  So 7th seems good.
  8. Ruben Tejada – As long as he is hitting and playing everyday, time to slot him in 8th.  In 2014 he hit .229/.340 with 3 hr and 23 rbi in the 8th slot.  Not great avg but he did walk and clear the pitchers spot often.

Again this lineup could improve by putting hitters in the correct situations and spots in the order.  I know it shouldn’t matter where you hit in the order, you should just hit.  But being put leadoff, cleanup or even third in the order gives these players a different approach, different attitude and maybe even better results for the team.

Rock Bottom? New Hope?

Ok so the Mets were no hit last night against a pitcher who would have been 100 of a list of 100 pitchers to throw a no hitter.  The Mets are not the first team to get no hit and won’t be the last team.  Heck the 1969 Mets were no hit and that season seemed to turn out ok.  Yes the strike zone was all over the place and that last inning was a bit out there, but still they had 24 other outs to get at least one hit.

Today is the day Travis is activated from the DL and while he was gone the Mets catchers and heck the Mets were dismal to say the least.  Is Travis the “New Hope” that can bring balance to the offense? I don’t believe so, but he can’t hurt it.  Travis in the lineup will help stretch the lineup a bit, but while we still have Tejada and Campbell playing everyday the darkside of the offensive force will still win.

Below is the lineup I would like to see brought out tonight in hopes of shaking the lineup up and generating some offense.  I know this will not happen as Terry refuses to move Grandy off the leadoff spot.  I am sorry, but yes Lagares does swing at too many pitches out of the zone, but Grandy is striking out just as much.  Time to put Grandy and his 8 home runs back in a power spot.  I am also tired of hearing about balance in the order in terms of LH and RH batters.  Good teams make their lineup up of talent, not LH RH batters.  Giants are a good example of that.  Time to try something new.

  1. Lagares
  2. Travis
  3. Cuddyer
  4. Duda
  5. Flores
  6. Grandy
  7. Campbell
  8. Tejada

If the Mets really want a New Hope it is time for Sandy to make a move or two to help this team.  The Mets have the prospects and too much starting pitching to sit back and watch an opportunity slip by.  Yes I know Neise and Gee will not bring back a big bat, yes I know they do not want to displace Grandy, Cuddyer or Wright (if he returns), but something has to be done and fast.

Yes the Mets have hit rock bottom, but they are still a first place team and 24 other teams would love to be able to say that 60 + games into the season.

Meet the Mess….

We all know it, the Mets have played bad since their 11 game winning streak put them at 13-3.  Since then they have been 16-22 but still remain in the thick of the NL East and NL Wildcard crowns.  Yes they have been injured, but are they more of a mess then we see?  Is this a train really about to get derailed? Is this a mess?  Notes below makes you wonder the following:

  • The Mets captain is MIA, no he is not missing as we saw him in the dugout during the SD trip and the press conference updating his status.  But your guess is as good as mine and also as good as all the experts on when DW will be back.  The Mets are currently weathering the storm that could last until game 162.  A move needs to be made.  Good teams do not sit back and wait till it is too late, they strike while the iron is hot.  Atlanta and Seattle who are not good teams, made moves to help them get going, the Mets need to make a move to help them keep going.
  • Leadoff spot is a joke.  Grandy has done a job leading off.  Can’t say good job, can’t say bad job but at this point just a job.  I know what everyone says, “Who else is there”?  Well my stance has always been give it to Juan and see what he can do.  He did it in September last year and needs a shot now.  I know also, he is not hitting, but sometimes putting guys in pressure spot helps, I think Juan needs a shot.  We can’t keep letting Grandy get 5 AB’s a game.  He needs to be hitting 6th.
  • The Mets never can seem to have their stuff polished in terms of their stances on things.  6 man rotation was all the rage, now it could be a spot start, now it is not locked in stone their doing 6 man rotation.  They are messing with their players minds and workouts.  The team is so worried about September, don’t want to shut young pitchers down.  Hey we need to get there first.  I don’t see well managed teams playing these games.
  • Will this team spend money or prospects to upgrade?  The payroll is right at 100 million.  Can this team take on money, bad contract, etc.. to help upgrade?  Are the Mets looking for a guy who “needs a change of scenery” and will come on the cheap? Upgrades need to be upgrades, the Mets have a real chance this year and the time to strike is now. Mike Piazza addition changed the team when he arrived, it is time to do that once again.  I have not been a fan of trading for Tulo, Braun, etc.., but my tune is changing watching this team play
  • Finally Terry Collins has done a good job, but as a stated all year I still do not believe he is the manager for this team.  Time to bring in new blood, someone who can energize this team, make some bold moves and switch things up.  Terry continues to manage scared, he is fighting for his job and managing in defense mode instead of fight mode.  He will last all 10 rounds, but in the end he will lose the decision and so will all us Mets fans dying for a winner in 2015.

These as always are just my thoughts and rants.  I want to see this team move forward, make a run and give us all hope for future, I just don’t think the ownership has the money still to do this.  Sandy is in a tough position, I just don’t think he has free rein to do what he needs to get out of the hole ownership has dug.

Hot & Not, News & Notes

With three games left in May the Mets find themselves 12-13 heading into the weekend series vs. Miami.  A sweep will give them a winning month, 2 of 3 gives them a .500 month.  Either would be pretty good in my opinion based on all the injuries and some poor managing by TC at times, especially the Chicago series where Joe Maddon made TC look like a AA manager.

In a past blog (http://bit.ly/3trades) I mentioned three trades that could help the Mets both now and in the remainder of the season.  After the news of Wright’s back the trades seem even more important.

The Mets have now decided to go with a 6 man rotation starting Monday in SD.  Gee coming back has forced the Mets to make some unconventional decisions.  I look at it a few ways: 1) It will help with the innings limit set for pretty much the entire staff, especially the young arms 2) Could this be a smoke screen to help drum up trade interest in the Mets starters? The Mets can not come out and say “Hey we have to many starters, we need to trade one”. Pushing Gee to one more start in AA last night may have bought a few more days to trade him or another starter. 3) As Noah showed in his 4 starts he is no longer a AAA pitcher.  Welcome to the big leagues Noah as you will not be going anywhere.  How you ever watched a team where you wake up everyday going “Man Noah, Harvey or DeGrom is pitching today, I can’t wait”.  Oh and just wait till we add Matz to that list.  By the end of 2016 your rotation could be – Harvey, DeGrom, Noah, Matz, Wheeler… Sick I know…

Last note, is it time to pull Grandy from the leadoff spot?  The walks have stopped coming as frequent as they had come in April.  Pitchers have realized Grandy is up there looking to walk and not strike.  His strikeouts in May have lead the team with 26 total for the month.  His May OBP is .320.  I think going forward or at least when Travis comes back it is time to move Grandy down to 6th in the order and let Juan have his shot.  Juan has not lit up May (.210/.264) but once moved into leadoff spot his mindset will change.  He did well there last year.

Below is a list of who is hot and not for the month of May.

  • Hot – Murphy .352/.398 1HR 11RBI
  • Not – Lagares .210/.264 1HR 2RBI
  • Hot – Duda .287/.374 6HR 11RBI
  • Not – Plawecki – .211/.258 1HR 6RBI
  • Hot – Cuddyer – .277/.355 3HR 11RBI
  • Cool – Grandy – .241/.320 4HR 8RBI
  • Cool – Flores – .238/.262 4HR 13RBI
  • Hot – DeGrom – 3-1 2.16 ERA
  • Not – Colon – 3-2 6.52 ERA
  • Not – Neise – 1-4 5.10 ERA
  • Hot – Familia – 1-0 1.42 ERA 5/6 Saves
  • Hot – A. Torres – 0-0 .091 ERA

Will TC be Manager by Monday?

The Mets now sit at 20-15 after their first 35 games and are clinging to a 1.5 game lead in the NL East.  If I told you this before the season there would not be one Met fan who would be upset. Yet the Mets are about to go into a 3 game weekend home series with the Brewers that could determine the season.  Yes it is early, yes the Mets have been decimated with injuries and yes the Mets are in 1st place.  The Mets record still is still drawing checks on their 11 game winning streak that left them 13-3.  Since the streak ended the Mets have been 7-12 in their last 19 games.

The Brewers come in at 12-23, which is currently the worst in baseball.  They have played better since the manager switch, but this is still a bad team.  The Mets are coming off an awful series in Chicago where they were outplayed, out managed and sloppy all around.  Injuries happen, but a team needs to band together and be near perfect to overcome those injuries with lesser talent.  Plawecki and Dilson have been ok replacements for Travis and Wright, but I think we see the future and Mets season still needs those two healthy.  This leads me to my question, if the Mets lose two of three or get swept will Terry Collins be your manager on Monday?

The Cubs series showed us something I have been pondering for weeks.  Is TC able to manage a winning team.  He struggled his way through 4 season of sub .500 records.  The talent was not there so we can’t fully judge.  However this year he has struggled at manager as Flores as struggled at SS.  Here is a quick list of areas/scenarios TC has failed.

  1. The Line-Up: This has been a mess all year.  Grandy and his pop has been hitting leadoff after Lagares was prepped all spring to leadoff.  Grandy is going up to the plate looking to walk and not hit.  He needs to hit, he needs to hit for power.  Terry continues to put the line-up out there each day with no wavering on Grandy at the top.  It took a team meeting of coaches to move a struggling Murphy back to the 2nd hole and the meeting conclusion “Murphy does better higher in order”.  No kidding, he is almost a .300 career hitter in over 350 + games at top 3rd of order.
  2. Bullpen: It has been banged up all year, but Terry still has no clue how to handle it.  He continues to miss on L/R matchups and seems to never have the same stats we all have just from sorting on MLB.com.
  3. Pinch Hitting: The wind is blowing out, your team is down and Recker was on deck with a runner on 2nd.  So what do you do, pull him for Tejada who strikes out.  I tweeted this more then once before Recker hit 2hr yesterday and said that was bad move.  Let Recker put one in the air and see what happens.  After Recker hit 2hr Thursday it left egg on TC’s face in MHO.

I don’t think the blame for this skid really falls on the shoulders of Terry.  He has faced his roster getting crushed by injuries and management not helping much with getting better talent to help fill the holes.  I see the Mets running still as a small market team and needing their young talent to fill holes as they do not cost much.  Eventually the Mets need to trade to upgrade bench, SS and bullpen.  Young help will only do so much.  Sandy needs to step up also.

To answer my own question, “Will TC be Manager on Monday?”. If I was GM and Mets lost 2 of 3, or get swept, TC would not be… As a big time Mets fan I hope I am wrong and Mets sweep the series and TC and the Mets get back on track.

3 Trades To Help Mets?

We are now through the first 28 games of the season and the Mets sit at 18-10.  They currently have a 4 game lead on Washington who is coming on very strong.  The team has gone through injuries that could cripple any team out there.  They lost their 2nd/3rd best pitcher in Wheeler, their best LH out of the pen in Edgin, their catcher in Travis and Captain in Wright.  Not to mention that Black, Parnell and Blevins are out and not one is very close to coming back.  The Mets however have battled through and shown with a little more help they could be a serious contender.  Now Wright and Travis will be back along with Blevins, but Black and Parnell right now are wait and see type situations.  Both have has set-backs, both are not MLB ready.  Plawecki and Dilson have both come up and shown there needs to be a place for them on this team.  Dilson has had one strong game, but remember his first two games where vs. a couple of pitchers you might have heard of (Scherzer and Strasburg).

As Michael Baron (@michaelgbaron)/Rich Macleod (@richmacleod) and Justmets (@justmets) wp.me/p5IeT0-1tR wrote about, the SS the Mets had options with this offseason have been no better then Wilmer Flores, and lets face it, Wilmer has not been great.  However this blog today is not about trading for Tulowitzki or anything like that, it is how the core of the team can become better with upgrades.

Again to reiterate, this blog is strickly from my point of view, no sources, no insider information, just a guy who loves the Mets and plays GM while sitting at work.  So here we go, three trades that could help the Mets:

  1. Mets trade for A’s Tyler Clippard – As last night showed us, Terry has no faith in his bullpen right now.  Going to Familia in the 9th with a 4 run lead said “Goedell, Robles, Carlyle, Gilmartin are stopgaps, but I don’t trust them”. Carlos Torres has looked human this year and that could be that the past two years he has been in pretty much half the games the Mets have played.  Black and Parnell are no where near ready to return and when they do how quickly can we count on them.  The A’s have struggled this year and the Mets could get Clippard for some prospects.  Clippard and Familia would be 8th and 9th inning nightmare for teams.  He knows the NL very well and is proven.
  2. Along with Tyler Clippard the Mets should package in Ben Zobrist.  Ben would be a great addition to the bench as he can play 3B, SS, 3B and outfield.  He is also a switch hitter and can provide that extra lefty bat the Mets need.  He would be a major upgrade over Tejada.  He along with Clippard is in the final year of his deal and free agent after 2015 season.
  3. Marlyn Byrd – Byrd is currently on a Reds team that is hanging on by a string.  Byrd is on the final year of his contract and can play both corner outfield spots.  He is familiar with the Mets team, management and left on good terms.  Mayberry has been a bit of a bust, only hitting low 100’s in very limited at bats.  However adding Byrd into this bench mix makes the Mets a much stronger team.

Enjoy the off day Mets fans as they have 20 straight games starting Friday the 8th.

Is TC The Right Manager?

First off this is not a blog calling for the Mets to fire Terry Collins, just a look to see if Terry is the right manager to take the Mets to the next level.  Terry is now in his 5th year as Mets manager and arguably has his best set of talent around him.  Lets first start at looking at Terry’s career as a manager. He is 66 years old and has managed Houston, Anahaeim and currently the Mets.  He has a career mark of 760-781 which is a .493 winning percentage.  He has never lead any team to the playoffs with his best finish being 2nd which he did multiple times with each franchise (Mets currently once 2014). In his four years as the Mets manager he won 77, 74, 74, 79 and is currently 16-10 in 2015.

After the Jerry Manual experience in which I still vote as the worst ever manager of the Mets, Terry has been a constant face for the managerial spot.  He has been a toned down version of himself, with the latter style of managing getting him run out of Houston and especially Anaheim where players revolted.  But is he able at 66 to do something he has never done in all his years as a MLB manager, lead the Mets back to the promise land?

Over his four years Mets fans have questioned his decisions many times.  However if you asked any other fans around baseball if they questioned their manager, they would say yes.  I find myself wondering sometimes what he does.  In my opinion he handles the bullpen poorly and is always switching up his righty’s, lefties, etc. even when I pitcher is dealing.  In 2015 his lineups just do not make much sense.  Take away the 11 game streak and the Mets are 3-7 in their last 10 games.  The offense has been just as bad as the Flores/Murphy middle infield, but yet nothing has been done to shake it up.  All spring we saw a line-up we all loved, Lagares, Granderson, Wright, Duda, Cuddyer, Murphy, Travis, Flores, Pitcher.  Then opening day that all changed.  To be fair to Terry we will never know if this came from Sandy, or he went off the reservation on the line-up.  Now injuries have taken its toll with Wright and Travis out, but guys are still hitting out of place.  Curtis has been good at the leadoff spot, but it has changed what he needs to be doing, especially with Wright out.  Duda thrived as the cleanup hitter in 2014, but now batting third.  The final straw right now to me is that Lagares has not gotten his shot to leadoff, not when Curtis is out of line-up, not at all.  Having John Mayberry leadoff a game is mind boggling.  I don’t care if he crushes LHP, he adds no spark and has not hit this year.  Now you have Dilson here in the majors and bury him in 7th and 8th slot.  All year in AAA Dilson leadoff and his game is geared for that right now.  Give him a shot to add a missing spark to this team.

Overall Terry has done a nice job, but in 2015 he is managing scare.  He is on a one year deal and seems worried to step outside the box.  So as the blog states, is “Terry the right manager for the Mets” to win?  My vote would be no.  Am I calling for TC to be fired, no, but something needs to change for the Mets to move forward in 2015 and become a long term successful winning franchise going forward with this young talent.

Is Noah better off in Majors?

Noah Syndergaard is probably the highest ranked pitching prospect the Mets have had in some time.  Harvey and Wheeler were both high, but not ranked as high as Syndergaard.  DeGrom you say, well he was supposed to be a filler in MLB last year and turned out to be, well DeGrom…  I decided to look back at Wheeler, Harvey and DeGrom’s AAA and AA numbers before they reached the big leagues.  Noah struggles in 2014 and now in 2015 in AAA are starting to concern fans, but maybe he just needs out of AAA and thrust into the big leagues.  Wheeler, Harvey and DeGrom all had the luxury of coming onto a team that was building, not contending and from the looks of things that will not be an option for Noah.  If you look at the numbers below, maybe Noah should be #5 in this rotation and he can become what the other 3 did once they hit the majors.

Matt Harvey:
2011 (AA) 5-3 4.53 59.2 Innings
2012 (AAA) 7-5 3.68 110.0 Innings (Buffalo no Vegas)

Jacob DeGrom:
2013 (AA) 2-5 4.80 60.0 Innings
2013 (AAA) 4-2 4.52 75.2 Innings
2014 (AAA) 4-0 2.58 38.1 Innings

Zack Wheeler:
2012 (AA) 10-6 3.26 116.0 Innings
2013 (AAA) 4-2 3.93 68.2 Innings

Noah Syndergaard:
2013 (AA) 6-1 3.00 54.0 Innings
2014 (AAA) 9-7 4.60 133.0 Innings

No one talking about Dilson!

Over the last few days we have watched the Cubs bring up two highly ranked prospects not only highly ranked on the team’s top 20 but in overall baseball top 5.  The Mets prospects are not ranked that high, but we do have some young hitting talent coming.  As of right now it is Omar’s draft/trade classes that are leading the Mets charge.  Harvey, DeGrom, Familia, Duda, Murphy, Flores and Lagares.  Sandy is now making his mark with his trades (Noah, Travis, Wheeler, Herrera, etc..) and draft picks (Reynolds, Plawecki, Muno).  Those draft picks and trades are really starting to impact the Mets as a whole system.

Now all the talk of the Spring was about Reynolds and how long until he takes over for someone on this team.  Rightfully so, he had a great spring and it has continued over to AAA early on.  However are we forgetting a bit about Dilson Herrera?  All the tweets I see point out how Reynolds is doing, how he is X-X each game and currently hitting .314 as of 4/21/15.  Lets look though at the leadoff batter, a 21 year old who may have more potential then Reynolds will ever have at such a young age.  He stormed through A ball then AA ball in 2014.  In his “cup of coffee” with the Mets at the end of the year he showed power (3 HR in 59 AB).  He can lead off, he can play second and he may add excitement that Mets fans have not seen since a young SS name Reyes..  How is Dilson doing in his first 47 AB of the AAA season you ask? As of 4/21/15 he is hitting at .362/1/6/.392 slash line.

We all talk how Reynolds is pushing for the big leagues and Flores is on thin ice with Reynolds poised to be the next big call up, however lets not forget about the youth and excitement Herrera could be bringing to Citi Field sooner then later.  Maybe Murphy should be looking over his shoulder a little more then Flores is at the moment.

Look out MLB, another young Met could be adding to the Mets core that could lead this team back to the promise land, or in Mets fans case, respectability.