Chris Archer to Mets?

Ok, before you unfollow me or start sending me “are you crazy” tweets, hear me out, or at least read the below.  The Mets have made the playoffs two straight years and to make it three they need to step up once again this offseason.  Cubs, Nats, Dodgers, Giants, Braves, Cardinals, Pirates and so on all plan on making moves to get better, so why not look at Chris Archer.

I know, you are saying “We don’t need pitching”, but why not.  The Mets currently have a surplus of LH hitting outfielders and their main task is resigning Cespedes.  So how will 3-4 LH hitting outfielders (Grandy, Conforto, Bruce, Nimmo) along with Lagares and Cespedes all play?  Well simple, make a few trades.  Don’t also discount Fowler, who would be a great fit at the top of this lineup.

So now here comes the trade.  Now in my head this all sounds amazing, but would Tampa really do this?  Who knows, but at least my rational is on par.  Ok, so here is goes. I would send Tampa the following: Lucas Duda, Zack Wheeler, Seth Lugo, Gavin Cecchini, and Brandon Nimmo.  Now in return, I would ask for Chris Archer and Corey Dickerson.  Now I would still trade Jay Bruce for prospects or relief pitching, but now you have a real team ready to go.  You can also go out and get Fowler, and have an outfield of Cespedes, Fowler and Grandy, with Dickerson and Lagares off the bench. How does that sounds?  Conforto you say, well he moves to 1B full time with Flores as his RH hitting counterpart.  This will give you an infield of Conforto, Walker, Cabrera, and Wright.  Flores, Reyes and Rivera are now your main backups with all three able to play at least 3 of the 4 infield positions.

Now you say we loss Wheeler.  Yes, but we gain Archer.  How does this rotation look, Noah, Archer, DeGrom, Harvey, Matz?  You now have Gsellman as your 6th starter, with Ynoa as your emergency 7th starter.  Also every year there is that fringe starter in triple 8 who you can plug in as your 8th guy when needed.

Why would Tampa make this trade?  Well in return they get two major league ready starting pitchers, a LH hitting first baseman with power and relatively cheap and a SS and OF who can come in and start on the major league level.  Tampa does not need single and double A prospects, they said they need to make moves to compete now…

Just remember, the Nats are looking at Sale, the Braves have upgraded, the Dodgers, Cubs, etc… are not going to sit back and not stack the deck.  Be bold Mets, go get it done.

Proposed 25 man roster

  1. Cespedes – OF
  2. Grandy – OF
  3. Fowler – OF
  4. Lagares – OF
  5. Dickerson – OF
  6. Conforto – INF
  7. Walker – INF
  8. Cabrera – INF
  9. Wright – INF
  10. Reyes – INF
  11. Flores – INF
  12. Rivera- INF
  13. Travis – C
  14. Plawecki – C
  15. Noah – SP
  16. Archer – SP
  17. DeGrom – SP
  18. Harvey – SP
  19. Matz – SP
  20. Gsellman – RP
  21. Reed – RP
  22. Familia – RP
  23. Robles – RP
  24. TBD – RP
  25. TBD – RP



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