Changes? Really?

Well Mets fans are officially checked into “Panic City” and as every Mets fan does who has a twitter account they have been calling for changes for weeks, heck months now.  But now with a day off, and Terry Collins saying a shakeup is going to happen, it is going to take more than Plawecki getting demoted to satisfy panic city’s thirst for change.

Lets be honest, I fall under the “Mets fan with a twitter account” and yes a blog.  And as the 3-4 people who have read my stuff you know I am in for change as much as the next fan.  I call for change in lineups, change in players.  After watching my beloved Mets lose 3 straight games to the Braves, who no matter how bad they are I hate still because of those 15 years of dominance, I want change now more than ever.  However what is the right change….

The starting pitching outside of Harvey has been great as the bullpen has been pretty darn good also.  Bastardo and Robles withstanding of course.  The Mets are 2nd in baseball in ERA, so lets go easy on the changes besides a few tweaks, say getting rid of Robles.  The starters are pressing and blaming themselves for these 3-2 losses.  They know once they give up 1 run, it is almost as if they gave up 4-5.  This puts pressure on the pitchers and maybe causes them to be to fine, push to much.

Now Travis is coming back, we know that.  Plawecki has shown zero in his 1 + years replacing Travis, so he is going down with Rivera as the better choice to play every 3-4 games to give Travis a break.  But what is next?  Conforto you say? I say yes, but is there better? Do we let him hit out of this on the MLB level? Is Nimmo the answer as he is the shiny new car in the garage? I say yes, but I say no.  I think he should stay.  Nimmo has been impressive, but lets be honest, it has been in hitter friendly Las Vegas where Eric Campbell is a career .328 hitter.  Nimmo has put together a good stretch, but also only hit .259 in double A in 509 at bats.  He will walk as he has very good plate discipline, but he won’t be Conforto.  In the end I say keep Conforto here, let him hit 7th or 8th and roll with it.

So where should the change come? Should it be Dilson and slide Walker to 3rd? I say yes. As most Mets fans are, I am a huge fan of Flores, but I think he can slide back into his utility role, play 4 times a week at 1st, 2nd, and SS and still be very productive.  Dilson will add some needed speed, enthusiasm and youth to a team that needs a jump start.  Plug him and lets see what happens.

Fans, I think the real change we need to call for is the lineup.  Terry has switched a few things around, but in all honesty he hasn’t switched up the top of lineup enough.  Curtis MUST be moved out of the leadoff spot and down in the order so his pop could produce a 2-3 run home run instead of these solo shots.  Curtis is well over a .330 hitter leading off the game, and well a .200 hitter the rest of the time.  CHANGE is needed in the lineup.  Based on the above with Travis back, Conforto staying and Dilson coming I would make the following lineup CHANGE:

1 – Dilson – Plug and play, make things happen

2- Travis – I think putting him 8th to start year was HUGE Mistake

3- Walker – Lets see what he does at 3 slot

4 – Cespedes – Outside of a minor slump, been Mets best hitter

5 – Grandy – Put the pop in the pop spot

6 – Cabrera – He is solid, helps bottom half of lineup

7- Conforto – Get right my friend

8- Looney – He has to hit someplace, good eye, get on base and clear pitchers slot in order

Mets fans, we don’t need to move Las Vegas to NYC.  We need to get healthy, stay in contention and get back on track. Change is needed, but not all change has to be with players.  Sometimes the manager has to shake things up in the order.  Terry, it is your time to shine…..


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