Harvey to Dodgers?

Ok before you reply with nasty tweets and call me ugly and stupid, hear me out.  The Mets are deep in pitching even after trading Neise to the Pirates.  DeGrom and Thor are legit #1 starters and Matz should show this year why he is considered a possible third #1 starter.  We have Wheeler coming back in July and Montero, Verrett, Torres and Gilmartin all can start.  The Mets can resign Colon and even possibly look at a middle of the road starter as a FA to fill the 4th or 5th slot.  So what would the Mets get for Harvey? How will this benefit the Mets?

The Dodgers are about to be in desperate mode.  They can not fall back into a silent stage as Arizona and San Francisco build teams for now and the next few years.  The main “big” FA starters have all signed, with a few stragglers waiting to be over paid as second tier guys.  As we saw with Shelby Miller, teams are willing to give up talent for pitching.  Could the Mets get the haul that ATL got, probably not, but would you be willing to get this in return:

Dodgers Get: Matt Harvey

Mets Get: Joc Pederson, a 23 year old CF who was an all-star, hit 26 home runs and had a .346 OBP.  Yes he did hit .210, but that will pick up and his OBP shows patience at the plate.  Plus he is a LH hitting which would work well with Lagares in CF.  Jose De Leon, a 23 year old RH Starting pitcher who is ranked 3rd in the Dodgers strong system.  Jose can spend 2016 in the minor leagues becoming a finished product.  We have seen how the last few (4-5) young hard throwing pitchers have done with the Mets minor league coaches.

How does your lineup look after the trade.  Pretty darn tough with lots of power. Granderson, Walker, Wright, Duda, D’Arnaud, Conforto,  Pederson, Cabrera.  An outfield of Conforto and Pederson could be very deadly for the next 5 years at least.

Now there can be more to this trade of course, but if this was done not to many Met fans would complain.  Time to pray on the need of a high dollar team with a loaded farm system.


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