Is Cespedes so far off MVP?

I have been in a ton of twitter debates today on whether Harper should be the MVP.  My thought is “How is Harper most valuable player” on a second place team that has very little chance of postseason play.  People say the National’s would be down with the Marlin’s, Phillies, and Braves if not for Harper.  I say they are with those 3 teams as none of them are making the playoff no matter how many more wins the Nationals have.  So it begs the question, is Harper the “Most Valuable Player”?  Before you call me a “homer”, and hating on Harper, I think he is having an amazing season and deserves to win “offensive player of the year”, not “Most Valuable Player”.

Now I agree 36-60 games or whatever Cespedes ends up with as a Met does not make an MVP season.  But overall Cespedes has been “Most Valuable” to the Mets in 36 games then Harper has been to the Nationals.  Mets are now in 1st place since the trade, the Nationals are now in 2nd place.  Should Cespedes be MVP, probably not, however I don’t think Harper should be either.

Now the second argument made is Harper’s numbers make him the MVP and because his team and bullpen stink, he is not on a playoff team.  So I decdied to look at this from a whole, not as Cespedes as a Met, but Cespedes as a player in 2015.  What does his numbers look like next to Harper’s if we take out “Team”.  Cespedes’s numbers stack up pretty well with Harper’s.  Yes you can say because Harper has 3x as many walks as Cespedes his AB’s are lower, so less opportunities to get hits.  However we can throw in factors all day long, remember this is just fun to look at. Harper’s numbers are top, Cespedes bottom.

Avg (Harper Wins)
OBP (Harper Wins)
Hits (Cespedes Wins)
Runs (Harper Wins)
Doubles (Cespedes Wins)
Triples (Cespedes Wins)
RBI (Cespedes Wins)
HR (Harper Wins)
Total Bases (Cespedes Wins)
OPS (Harper Wins)

Overall Harper is offensive player of the year hands down, but if you put in the factor of who is “Most Valuable” to their team, Cespedes is in the running.  In the end Rizzo, Mccuchten, Kershaw, Grienke and even Votto can write a similar blog to this one supporting their case.  Either way these are my thoughts in more than 140 characters.

Happy Reading…..