Its ok to be Angry!

Mets fans it is ok to be angry.  Angry with this team, manager, and management.  Injuries have taken a huge toll on this team and yes I believe things would be different if Wright, Black, Murphy, d’Arnaud, Parnell, Mejia (Suspension) were not all out at different times this year.  However mental mistakes, poor play by veterans and managements do nothing approach has caused this team to hit a wall and hit a wall at high speed.  Team go through injuries, teams go through slumps, but winning organizations address this and try to find fixes.  These fixes are not guys who go through 0-25 slumps followed by a 0-23 slump.  These are not guys who were not minutes away from not being a MLB player to starting everyday.  The pitching staff and young pitching talent is too good to waste.  The Mets are a large market team in a city that was ready for a new MLB leader.  Instead we have watched nothing happen but back talk, posturing and the hope slip away like a fart in the wind.  We have watched the Braves make trades, the Dbacks make trades, and Dodgers.  All trying to help the team now and in the future.  So who should we be angry at?  Well everyone.  We are fans, we pay our money for tickets, MLB packages, paraphernalia, etc… So with that we can be angry.  Here is why I am angry:


  1. Lets be honest, even TC is tired of the players he has and lack of MLB talent he is trying to put out there.  However mental mistakes, lack of creativity and poor bullpen management continue to be his legacy
  2. Grandy is still leading off when the Mets fail to score runs.  He has 11 home runs with 9 of them being solo shots.  The excuse there is no one else to leadoff is a joke.  It is not like Grandy is lighting the world on fire leading off.  Yes besides Duda his OBP is the best, but it is time to move him in a position where he can drive runs in and protect Duda.
  3. How TC can continue to put out the same lineup configuration each day is mind blowing.  He has admitted change is needed, and yes he only has these players to put in the lineup, but come on, at least try Lagares in leadoff spot, Plawecki in 2nd hole.  Something, anything to try and jump start the lineup, players, runs…. What is the worst that can happen, they have scored 9 runs in 7 games with this lineup.  They have been no hit with this lineup.


  1. Mental mistakes.  Both rookies and veterans continue to make mistakes hitting and fielding.  Simple plays become bobbles and big at bats become strike outs.  Players need to be accountable just like manager.
  2. There is no leader, not one stepping up, no one to stir the pot.  DW being hurt has not helped, but he wasn’t that veteran leader anyway.  He is a great guy, great clubhouse guy but not that fiery leader.  Cuddyer is that hard nosed veteran, but since he is struggling so bad how can he lite a fire under this team.
  3. A perfect player would have been Juan Uribe.  From what we know he is a great clubhouse guy and a leader among his teammates.  He has the hardware to back it up by playing in big games and big teams. He is also hitting right now for the Braves, the team ready to overtake the Mets in this division


  1. It is clear the stench of Madoff scandal has not gone away.  This team is not able to pay to play.  They are a small market team stuck in a big market.  The trade market is not empty, the Mets bank is… No matter how many ways Sandy spins things, it is about money come the end of the day
  2. free agent signings have been a disaster.  The trades have been great, the signing not so much. Cuddyer was a signing that I personally thought would be great.  He is a hard nosed player who would only rub off on this team.  Instead he has been a veteran who has seemed overmatched at age 37.  And yes we have 1 more year after 2015.
  3. Lack of trades of young players is killing this team.  The Mets have pitching to go with pitching but not hitting anywhere close to being ready.  It is time to trade, even I say it to get hitting into this organization.  The trade for Piazza changed this team and it is time to do that again.
  4. It is clear Sandy is running the team in terms of lineup and infield configuration. When the end of the year roles around and Sandy continues to be GM we will see Terry shown the door (and rightfully so) with another puppet being out into the dugout.

My rants can go on for hours, but these are my main points.  I will continue to watch, root and hope for this Mets team.  As many of you do, I get angry, and we have 100% right to be angry today!


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