Mets Best Lineup?

The Mets currently hold a 1.5 game lead over the Nationals thanks mostly in part to some gritty play and the Nationals not playing up to the level we all expected.  In any other division the Mets are looking up at 1-3 teams ahead of them.  But the Mets are a 1st place team and 25 + teams wish they were “the worst first place team in baseball”.

The Mets offense has been brutal at times.  It is obvious they need another big bat in there to help out Duda and our surprise HR and RBI leader Wilmer Flores.  But if we look at the numbers the past two years we can construct a pretty good lineup based on the talent we have.  I believe TC doesn’t construct the lineup to put the best players forward. Bare with me, I do not have the statistics the big boys have, but this lineup could work out well for the Mets.

  1. Juan Lagares – In 2014 Juan it .276 with on base of .329 in 156 at bats.  Juan has been hot the last few weeks and really adds an element of excitement when he gets on base.  He is by no means elite speedster, but he did have 9 stolen bases as a leadoff hitter in 2014.  Time to make the move
  2. Travis d’Arnaud – In limited at bats this year Travis has hit .300 with a .364 on base.  He has 2 home runs and 2 rbi.  He relishes the 2nd spot and thrives in driving in runs.
  3. Lucas Duda – Although Luca’s numbers are better in the cleanup spot, with Murphy out this is Luca’s spot for a while.  This year he has hot .267/.378 with 8 hr and 27 rbi in the 3 hole.
  4. Wilmer Flores – Wait what? He started the year batting 8th… Yes but Wilmer is currently leading the Mets with 10 hr and 32 rbi.  He has shown he can drive in the runs and should not be buried in the order.  He hit cleanup once this year and delivered a HR and BB in that spot.
  5. Michael Cuddyer – Cuddyer has struggled this year trying to be that cleanup hitter, however that was never the intention.  When Cuddyer has hit 5th he has a slash line of .435/.500 with 2 hr and 6 rbi in 23 at bats.
  6. Curtis Granderson – He just is not hitting the ball enough to justify to me the most AB’s per game.  In 2014 Curtis flourished batting 6th in the order with a .328/.403 line with 3 hr and 14 rbi in 67 at bats.
  7. Dilson Herrera – At this point Dilson does not have enough numbers from 2014 or 2015 to really slot him in.  So 7th seems good.
  8. Ruben Tejada – As long as he is hitting and playing everyday, time to slot him in 8th.  In 2014 he hit .229/.340 with 3 hr and 23 rbi in the 8th slot.  Not great avg but he did walk and clear the pitchers spot often.

Again this lineup could improve by putting hitters in the correct situations and spots in the order.  I know it shouldn’t matter where you hit in the order, you should just hit.  But being put leadoff, cleanup or even third in the order gives these players a different approach, different attitude and maybe even better results for the team.


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