Rock Bottom? New Hope?

Ok so the Mets were no hit last night against a pitcher who would have been 100 of a list of 100 pitchers to throw a no hitter.  The Mets are not the first team to get no hit and won’t be the last team.  Heck the 1969 Mets were no hit and that season seemed to turn out ok.  Yes the strike zone was all over the place and that last inning was a bit out there, but still they had 24 other outs to get at least one hit.

Today is the day Travis is activated from the DL and while he was gone the Mets catchers and heck the Mets were dismal to say the least.  Is Travis the “New Hope” that can bring balance to the offense? I don’t believe so, but he can’t hurt it.  Travis in the lineup will help stretch the lineup a bit, but while we still have Tejada and Campbell playing everyday the darkside of the offensive force will still win.

Below is the lineup I would like to see brought out tonight in hopes of shaking the lineup up and generating some offense.  I know this will not happen as Terry refuses to move Grandy off the leadoff spot.  I am sorry, but yes Lagares does swing at too many pitches out of the zone, but Grandy is striking out just as much.  Time to put Grandy and his 8 home runs back in a power spot.  I am also tired of hearing about balance in the order in terms of LH and RH batters.  Good teams make their lineup up of talent, not LH RH batters.  Giants are a good example of that.  Time to try something new.

  1. Lagares
  2. Travis
  3. Cuddyer
  4. Duda
  5. Flores
  6. Grandy
  7. Campbell
  8. Tejada

If the Mets really want a New Hope it is time for Sandy to make a move or two to help this team.  The Mets have the prospects and too much starting pitching to sit back and watch an opportunity slip by.  Yes I know Neise and Gee will not bring back a big bat, yes I know they do not want to displace Grandy, Cuddyer or Wright (if he returns), but something has to be done and fast.

Yes the Mets have hit rock bottom, but they are still a first place team and 24 other teams would love to be able to say that 60 + games into the season.


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