Meet the Mess….

We all know it, the Mets have played bad since their 11 game winning streak put them at 13-3.  Since then they have been 16-22 but still remain in the thick of the NL East and NL Wildcard crowns.  Yes they have been injured, but are they more of a mess then we see?  Is this a train really about to get derailed? Is this a mess?  Notes below makes you wonder the following:

  • The Mets captain is MIA, no he is not missing as we saw him in the dugout during the SD trip and the press conference updating his status.  But your guess is as good as mine and also as good as all the experts on when DW will be back.  The Mets are currently weathering the storm that could last until game 162.  A move needs to be made.  Good teams do not sit back and wait till it is too late, they strike while the iron is hot.  Atlanta and Seattle who are not good teams, made moves to help them get going, the Mets need to make a move to help them keep going.
  • Leadoff spot is a joke.  Grandy has done a job leading off.  Can’t say good job, can’t say bad job but at this point just a job.  I know what everyone says, “Who else is there”?  Well my stance has always been give it to Juan and see what he can do.  He did it in September last year and needs a shot now.  I know also, he is not hitting, but sometimes putting guys in pressure spot helps, I think Juan needs a shot.  We can’t keep letting Grandy get 5 AB’s a game.  He needs to be hitting 6th.
  • The Mets never can seem to have their stuff polished in terms of their stances on things.  6 man rotation was all the rage, now it could be a spot start, now it is not locked in stone their doing 6 man rotation.  They are messing with their players minds and workouts.  The team is so worried about September, don’t want to shut young pitchers down.  Hey we need to get there first.  I don’t see well managed teams playing these games.
  • Will this team spend money or prospects to upgrade?  The payroll is right at 100 million.  Can this team take on money, bad contract, etc.. to help upgrade?  Are the Mets looking for a guy who “needs a change of scenery” and will come on the cheap? Upgrades need to be upgrades, the Mets have a real chance this year and the time to strike is now. Mike Piazza addition changed the team when he arrived, it is time to do that once again.  I have not been a fan of trading for Tulo, Braun, etc.., but my tune is changing watching this team play
  • Finally Terry Collins has done a good job, but as a stated all year I still do not believe he is the manager for this team.  Time to bring in new blood, someone who can energize this team, make some bold moves and switch things up.  Terry continues to manage scared, he is fighting for his job and managing in defense mode instead of fight mode.  He will last all 10 rounds, but in the end he will lose the decision and so will all us Mets fans dying for a winner in 2015.

These as always are just my thoughts and rants.  I want to see this team move forward, make a run and give us all hope for future, I just don’t think the ownership has the money still to do this.  Sandy is in a tough position, I just don’t think he has free rein to do what he needs to get out of the hole ownership has dug.


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