Hot & Not, News & Notes

With three games left in May the Mets find themselves 12-13 heading into the weekend series vs. Miami.  A sweep will give them a winning month, 2 of 3 gives them a .500 month.  Either would be pretty good in my opinion based on all the injuries and some poor managing by TC at times, especially the Chicago series where Joe Maddon made TC look like a AA manager.

In a past blog ( I mentioned three trades that could help the Mets both now and in the remainder of the season.  After the news of Wright’s back the trades seem even more important.

The Mets have now decided to go with a 6 man rotation starting Monday in SD.  Gee coming back has forced the Mets to make some unconventional decisions.  I look at it a few ways: 1) It will help with the innings limit set for pretty much the entire staff, especially the young arms 2) Could this be a smoke screen to help drum up trade interest in the Mets starters? The Mets can not come out and say “Hey we have to many starters, we need to trade one”. Pushing Gee to one more start in AA last night may have bought a few more days to trade him or another starter. 3) As Noah showed in his 4 starts he is no longer a AAA pitcher.  Welcome to the big leagues Noah as you will not be going anywhere.  How you ever watched a team where you wake up everyday going “Man Noah, Harvey or DeGrom is pitching today, I can’t wait”.  Oh and just wait till we add Matz to that list.  By the end of 2016 your rotation could be – Harvey, DeGrom, Noah, Matz, Wheeler… Sick I know…

Last note, is it time to pull Grandy from the leadoff spot?  The walks have stopped coming as frequent as they had come in April.  Pitchers have realized Grandy is up there looking to walk and not strike.  His strikeouts in May have lead the team with 26 total for the month.  His May OBP is .320.  I think going forward or at least when Travis comes back it is time to move Grandy down to 6th in the order and let Juan have his shot.  Juan has not lit up May (.210/.264) but once moved into leadoff spot his mindset will change.  He did well there last year.

Below is a list of who is hot and not for the month of May.

  • Hot – Murphy .352/.398 1HR 11RBI
  • Not – Lagares .210/.264 1HR 2RBI
  • Hot – Duda .287/.374 6HR 11RBI
  • Not – Plawecki – .211/.258 1HR 6RBI
  • Hot – Cuddyer – .277/.355 3HR 11RBI
  • Cool – Grandy – .241/.320 4HR 8RBI
  • Cool – Flores – .238/.262 4HR 13RBI
  • Hot – DeGrom – 3-1 2.16 ERA
  • Not – Colon – 3-2 6.52 ERA
  • Not – Neise – 1-4 5.10 ERA
  • Hot – Familia – 1-0 1.42 ERA 5/6 Saves
  • Hot – A. Torres – 0-0 .091 ERA

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