Will TC be Manager by Monday?

The Mets now sit at 20-15 after their first 35 games and are clinging to a 1.5 game lead in the NL East.  If I told you this before the season there would not be one Met fan who would be upset. Yet the Mets are about to go into a 3 game weekend home series with the Brewers that could determine the season.  Yes it is early, yes the Mets have been decimated with injuries and yes the Mets are in 1st place.  The Mets record still is still drawing checks on their 11 game winning streak that left them 13-3.  Since the streak ended the Mets have been 7-12 in their last 19 games.

The Brewers come in at 12-23, which is currently the worst in baseball.  They have played better since the manager switch, but this is still a bad team.  The Mets are coming off an awful series in Chicago where they were outplayed, out managed and sloppy all around.  Injuries happen, but a team needs to band together and be near perfect to overcome those injuries with lesser talent.  Plawecki and Dilson have been ok replacements for Travis and Wright, but I think we see the future and Mets season still needs those two healthy.  This leads me to my question, if the Mets lose two of three or get swept will Terry Collins be your manager on Monday?

The Cubs series showed us something I have been pondering for weeks.  Is TC able to manage a winning team.  He struggled his way through 4 season of sub .500 records.  The talent was not there so we can’t fully judge.  However this year he has struggled at manager as Flores as struggled at SS.  Here is a quick list of areas/scenarios TC has failed.

  1. The Line-Up: This has been a mess all year.  Grandy and his pop has been hitting leadoff after Lagares was prepped all spring to leadoff.  Grandy is going up to the plate looking to walk and not hit.  He needs to hit, he needs to hit for power.  Terry continues to put the line-up out there each day with no wavering on Grandy at the top.  It took a team meeting of coaches to move a struggling Murphy back to the 2nd hole and the meeting conclusion “Murphy does better higher in order”.  No kidding, he is almost a .300 career hitter in over 350 + games at top 3rd of order.
  2. Bullpen: It has been banged up all year, but Terry still has no clue how to handle it.  He continues to miss on L/R matchups and seems to never have the same stats we all have just from sorting on MLB.com.
  3. Pinch Hitting: The wind is blowing out, your team is down and Recker was on deck with a runner on 2nd.  So what do you do, pull him for Tejada who strikes out.  I tweeted this more then once before Recker hit 2hr yesterday and said that was bad move.  Let Recker put one in the air and see what happens.  After Recker hit 2hr Thursday it left egg on TC’s face in MHO.

I don’t think the blame for this skid really falls on the shoulders of Terry.  He has faced his roster getting crushed by injuries and management not helping much with getting better talent to help fill the holes.  I see the Mets running still as a small market team and needing their young talent to fill holes as they do not cost much.  Eventually the Mets need to trade to upgrade bench, SS and bullpen.  Young help will only do so much.  Sandy needs to step up also.

To answer my own question, “Will TC be Manager on Monday?”. If I was GM and Mets lost 2 of 3, or get swept, TC would not be… As a big time Mets fan I hope I am wrong and Mets sweep the series and TC and the Mets get back on track.


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