Is TC The Right Manager?

First off this is not a blog calling for the Mets to fire Terry Collins, just a look to see if Terry is the right manager to take the Mets to the next level.  Terry is now in his 5th year as Mets manager and arguably has his best set of talent around him.  Lets first start at looking at Terry’s career as a manager. He is 66 years old and has managed Houston, Anahaeim and currently the Mets.  He has a career mark of 760-781 which is a .493 winning percentage.  He has never lead any team to the playoffs with his best finish being 2nd which he did multiple times with each franchise (Mets currently once 2014). In his four years as the Mets manager he won 77, 74, 74, 79 and is currently 16-10 in 2015.

After the Jerry Manual experience in which I still vote as the worst ever manager of the Mets, Terry has been a constant face for the managerial spot.  He has been a toned down version of himself, with the latter style of managing getting him run out of Houston and especially Anaheim where players revolted.  But is he able at 66 to do something he has never done in all his years as a MLB manager, lead the Mets back to the promise land?

Over his four years Mets fans have questioned his decisions many times.  However if you asked any other fans around baseball if they questioned their manager, they would say yes.  I find myself wondering sometimes what he does.  In my opinion he handles the bullpen poorly and is always switching up his righty’s, lefties, etc. even when I pitcher is dealing.  In 2015 his lineups just do not make much sense.  Take away the 11 game streak and the Mets are 3-7 in their last 10 games.  The offense has been just as bad as the Flores/Murphy middle infield, but yet nothing has been done to shake it up.  All spring we saw a line-up we all loved, Lagares, Granderson, Wright, Duda, Cuddyer, Murphy, Travis, Flores, Pitcher.  Then opening day that all changed.  To be fair to Terry we will never know if this came from Sandy, or he went off the reservation on the line-up.  Now injuries have taken its toll with Wright and Travis out, but guys are still hitting out of place.  Curtis has been good at the leadoff spot, but it has changed what he needs to be doing, especially with Wright out.  Duda thrived as the cleanup hitter in 2014, but now batting third.  The final straw right now to me is that Lagares has not gotten his shot to leadoff, not when Curtis is out of line-up, not at all.  Having John Mayberry leadoff a game is mind boggling.  I don’t care if he crushes LHP, he adds no spark and has not hit this year.  Now you have Dilson here in the majors and bury him in 7th and 8th slot.  All year in AAA Dilson leadoff and his game is geared for that right now.  Give him a shot to add a missing spark to this team.

Overall Terry has done a nice job, but in 2015 he is managing scare.  He is on a one year deal and seems worried to step outside the box.  So as the blog states, is “Terry the right manager for the Mets” to win?  My vote would be no.  Am I calling for TC to be fired, no, but something needs to change for the Mets to move forward in 2015 and become a long term successful winning franchise going forward with this young talent.


5 thoughts on “Is TC The Right Manager?

  1. His teams never overachieve their talent. does he inspire any confidence? listen to this comments, he doesn’t believe in himself — who is going to run through a wall for him? his decision-making is questionable, he constantly contradicts himself. look at the Flores situation — any wonder why the kid has no confidence? “he’s the guy, he’s the guy….” meanwhile, Wilmer knows full well that TC dangles the bench over him — he knows if he makes an errors, he’ll be benched. how can any kid expect to perform? enough of this Tejada movie – we know how that ends. Just play the kid everyday – unlike what he did from May to late August last year.

    I can go on and on. It’s not all his fault – Sandy needs a lapdog. But TC is not the right guy. He’s been largely a loser everywhere he’s been — it’s been how long since his last winning season as a manager? oh.. and his last season with the Angels before the Mets — yes, the mutiny. And we’re stuck in the same cycle — can’t situational hit with RISP, Niese not getting down the bunt, errors and sloppy play, not being prepared. At what point do you blame who is at the helm?

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  2. In my opinion Wally Backman is the exact right man to go forward. Not only has he developed all of that talent on the roster now but, players would run through a wall for him. He has a kinda Met royalty aura about him from playing on our last world champion team in 86. He’s firey, no nonsense and a Strait shooter with balls. He’s exactly what this team needs to go back to the promised land. …


    • Unfortunately Wally will never get a chance as long as Sandy is running this team. Do not know exact reasons but it will not happen. However I agree with everything you wrote above.


      • it’s simple. Sandy is a control freak. he needs a lapdog. The fans want Backman. But Sandy needs someone he can control. Backman might be viewed as a loose cannon – which this team needs. Whatever you want to say about Alderson, he is a very bright guy. You can be sure he knows that Collins stinks too. But Collins wants to keep his job. He’s following Sandy’s orders to the tee. You think Collins came up with this horrible Granderson leading off?


  3. Terry Collins must go!! The lineup is horrible, we are not scoring runs and he still keeps the lineup the same. Like Keith Hernandez said you need to stretch the lineup not put your best hitters at the top and your bad hitters on the bottom. Jeez this man is an idiot!!


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