Is Noah better off in Majors?

Noah Syndergaard is probably the highest ranked pitching prospect the Mets have had in some time.  Harvey and Wheeler were both high, but not ranked as high as Syndergaard.  DeGrom you say, well he was supposed to be a filler in MLB last year and turned out to be, well DeGrom…  I decided to look back at Wheeler, Harvey and DeGrom’s AAA and AA numbers before they reached the big leagues.  Noah struggles in 2014 and now in 2015 in AAA are starting to concern fans, but maybe he just needs out of AAA and thrust into the big leagues.  Wheeler, Harvey and DeGrom all had the luxury of coming onto a team that was building, not contending and from the looks of things that will not be an option for Noah.  If you look at the numbers below, maybe Noah should be #5 in this rotation and he can become what the other 3 did once they hit the majors.

Matt Harvey:
2011 (AA) 5-3 4.53 59.2 Innings
2012 (AAA) 7-5 3.68 110.0 Innings (Buffalo no Vegas)

Jacob DeGrom:
2013 (AA) 2-5 4.80 60.0 Innings
2013 (AAA) 4-2 4.52 75.2 Innings
2014 (AAA) 4-0 2.58 38.1 Innings

Zack Wheeler:
2012 (AA) 10-6 3.26 116.0 Innings
2013 (AAA) 4-2 3.93 68.2 Innings

Noah Syndergaard:
2013 (AA) 6-1 3.00 54.0 Innings
2014 (AAA) 9-7 4.60 133.0 Innings


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