No one talking about Dilson!

Over the last few days we have watched the Cubs bring up two highly ranked prospects not only highly ranked on the team’s top 20 but in overall baseball top 5.  The Mets prospects are not ranked that high, but we do have some young hitting talent coming.  As of right now it is Omar’s draft/trade classes that are leading the Mets charge.  Harvey, DeGrom, Familia, Duda, Murphy, Flores and Lagares.  Sandy is now making his mark with his trades (Noah, Travis, Wheeler, Herrera, etc..) and draft picks (Reynolds, Plawecki, Muno).  Those draft picks and trades are really starting to impact the Mets as a whole system.

Now all the talk of the Spring was about Reynolds and how long until he takes over for someone on this team.  Rightfully so, he had a great spring and it has continued over to AAA early on.  However are we forgetting a bit about Dilson Herrera?  All the tweets I see point out how Reynolds is doing, how he is X-X each game and currently hitting .314 as of 4/21/15.  Lets look though at the leadoff batter, a 21 year old who may have more potential then Reynolds will ever have at such a young age.  He stormed through A ball then AA ball in 2014.  In his “cup of coffee” with the Mets at the end of the year he showed power (3 HR in 59 AB).  He can lead off, he can play second and he may add excitement that Mets fans have not seen since a young SS name Reyes..  How is Dilson doing in his first 47 AB of the AAA season you ask? As of 4/21/15 he is hitting at .362/1/6/.392 slash line.

We all talk how Reynolds is pushing for the big leagues and Flores is on thin ice with Reynolds poised to be the next big call up, however lets not forget about the youth and excitement Herrera could be bringing to Citi Field sooner then later.  Maybe Murphy should be looking over his shoulder a little more then Flores is at the moment.

Look out MLB, another young Met could be adding to the Mets core that could lead this team back to the promise land, or in Mets fans case, respectability.


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