What is the “Wright” move

With the MRI results just hours away the Mets have already brought Eric Campbell back into the fold.  This is the first move to help solve a problem there is no real answer for. DW is the team captain, not to mention the linchpin of the lineup.  If DW is out for an extended period of time, what is the “Wright” move to make to help fill the gap?  Can you fill the gap?  Here are four scenarios to “ease his pain”.

  1. Eric Campbell is called up, platoons a bit with Murphy/Tejada at third base.  Campbell also gives them an extra outfield bat if Cuddyer is hurting for a few days.
  2. Matt Reynolds finally gets the call to the big leagues, is plugged in as your second baseman and Murphy moves to third.  Other option is Reynolds plays third base.
  3. Dilson is called up, plugged in as your second baseman and we get a glimpse of 2016 right before our eyes.  Also gives the Mets the option of moving Curtis down in the order while Dilson hits leadoff.  Murphy moves to third and continues to show his value to both the Mets and other teams scouting him for 2016.
  4. The team will NOT want to move Flores off of SS at all unless he fails with both the bat and glove.  However at third base he provides the “pop” a bit more then the other options.  In this one either Tejada/Reynolds comes in to play SS and Campbell is the super utility player the Mets need.

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