Bullpen Panic? Trade Gee?

After a successful start to the season where everything played out the way we expect the Mets to play, we got the scare… Could it be that for the 2nd straight year the Mets could lose their closer on opening day?

What went right:

  • Colon did what we all hoped and expected.  He gave the team 6 very solid innings and the chance to win.  I don’t expect him to pitch this well all year, but if he can provide solid starts and give the offense a chance to win it, it is a win.
  • Duda came through when needed. Lets be honest, we can’t hit the alarm when the team gets no hit for 5 innings against one of the best pitchers in the game. Duda was put in a run producing spot and came through.  Grandy batting leadoff worked (I was one of the many screaming “why” when saw the line-up) and Mets walked away with two walks and a run.
  • Bullpen was solid.  The plan was in place,Tores, Familia then Mejia… Well 2 out of 3 worked.  A combo of Blevins and Carlye finished out the game and the bullpen was perfect for 3 innings.
  • Overall the Mets blueprint for opening day wokred.

Next Steps:

  • It is now time to trade Gee for a bullpen arm.  Yes it is way easier to say that then it is to do it.  As we saw last week, Sandy saw a need and overproduced with two left handed relievers.  If you say “Parnell and Black are coming”, just remember spring, neither is totally healthy right now.  Parnell is not all the way back, he is not throwing as hard and that is his game.  Black also needs to be 100% healthy in order to be effective.
  • Now is the time to strike.  SD didn’t sit back, Pirates, Marlins, Giants, Cardinals, Cubs, Reds, etc. all will be pushing for wildcard spots.  In a 162 game season game 2 may actually matter in such a tight race this could be.
  • Lets say Sandy trades Gee. Before we slot Montero into the 5th spot as we all want to do (Me included), lets pull up Noah and go from there.  Do you really think Mets would skip a beat with Colon, Degrom, Harvey, Neise and Noah vs. Colon, Degrom, Harvey, Neise and Gee?  I don’t think so either.  Remove Mejia, add a solid BP arm via Gee trade and bring up Noah.  Montero can be solid in the pen and when Parnell/Black are fully ready it will be a good problem to have.

Once again this is just a fans point of view.  No sources, no insider hints, just my thoughts.


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