2015 Final Predictions

Spring training has come and gone and we are just 2 exhibition games left before the regular season begins.  The Mets spring training was a lot of ups and downs.  The injuries to Wheeler and Edgin changed the game a bit, but now the stockpiling of young arms is paying off.  Even with Wheeler gone for 2015, the Mets have 6 pitchers for 5 spots with 2 more waiting in AAA (Matz/Noah).  After watching the spring, seeing the current talent and knowing the talent that could help in 2015 (Matt Reynolds, Noah, Matz, etc..) I am ready to make my season prediction.  Right now I am putting the Mets to finish 88-74 on the year and be very much alive for one of the 2 wild-card spots.

Below are my position prediction for 2015:

Catcher – I think we can remove the question mark from him with the confidence that 2nd half Travis will be the one in 2015.  Track records show he will hit.  Projected 2015 Stats – .273/16/57

First Base –  If Lucas has to sit 15-20 games a year against left handed pitching, so be it. 140 games will still yield nice numbers from your first baseman.  Projected 2015 Stats – .280/28/88

Second Base – Daniel is a consistent player and will be again in 2015. In 2015 he is playing to prove not only to the Mets but to all other teams he is a viable long term contract player.  The Mets will watch Murphy had another solid season then let him walk at the end.  Enjoy Murphy’s last year in NY, he will be solid and missed.  Projected 2015 Stats – .302/12/65

Short Stop – Wilmer will hit, will hit in the 7th/8th spot in the order and if his defense doesn’t effect his hitting, should be an above average hitter for his position.  Wilmer has worked the last two off seasons as hard as any Met to prove he can play on this level and at SS. Projected 2015 Stats – .271/15/52

Third Base – David is the leader of this team and the face of NYM baseball.  He is the 3rd place hitter, their corner rock and the way the press will look at the Mets.  If David can stay healthy for the year, give the Mets 150 solid games this team has a shot at the playoffs. Projected 2015 Stats – .284/17/82

Left Field – I think realistically at age 37 Michael is a 135 game a year player, will hit solid for the Mets and be a doubles machine. Michael will be able to spell Duda at first base when needed.  A solid pick-up for both the team and clubhouse. Projected 2015 Stats: .278/20/80

Center Field – I believe Juan will hit enough to warrant his everyday position on the Mets. His defense is second to none, he hit enough last year to be considered a good hitter.  If he can cut down on his k’s, walk a few more times he will take off.  He proved at the end of last year he has very good base stealing ability if he can get on.  I believe Juan is ready to be a superstar in the this league and City. Projected 2015 Stats: .281/10/50

Right Field – Curtis is Curtis and I think last year was an adjustment for him.  Will he return to the past Curtis numbers, NO, but he will have a better year in 2015 then 2014.  He will continue to strike out but also walk.  Curtis needs to work on his consistency for 2015.  Projected 2015 Stats: .259/19/74

Bench Players:

  • John Mayberry Jr. – .260/8/25
  • Ruben Tejada – .275/1/15
  • Eric Campbell – .265/2/18
  • Anthony Recker – .225/8/25
  • Kirk Nieuwenhuis – .258/5/22

Opening Day Pitchers:

  • Bartolo Colon – 26 starts – 8-8 4.15 ERA
  • Jacob DeGrom – 32 starts – 15-7 3.12 ERA
  • Matt Harvey – 28 starts – 13-6 2.75 ERA
  • Dillon Gee – 12 starts – 3-5 4.25 ERA
  • Jonathan Neise – 32 starts – 14-11 3.48 ERA

Other Starters:

  • Rafael Montero – 15 starts – 6-4 3.95 ERA
  • Noah Syndergaard – 10 starts – 4-2 3.45 ERA

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