Trades, Call-Ups, What Happens Now!

After a stretch that saw the Amazing’s win 9 out of 11 they have gone back to their old ways and lost the last 3 in a row.  As promising as the winning streak was and how much it got us die-hard fans back into the frenzy of the playoffs and watching the standings, reality set back in.  Now with July 31st coming up lets look at what the Mets can do to shake things up.  I believe how the deadline goes down is going to determine the fate of Alderson and TC.  If Alderson can make some strong moves to help the team for 2015 it would serve the Mets well to keep him and see how it plays out.  The fate of TC lies with Alderson.  The team continues to play hard for TC, but the way he handles the bullpen continues to make people scratch heads.  So what’s next:

Trades:  In reality what are the Mets looking to do.  Dump salary, get prospects or major league ready talent.  Who is a viable trade option:

Bartolo Colon (8-8 4.12) – Bartolo has been a steady pitcher to say the least.  He has been up and down but take away the Angles game where he took one for the team he has been pretty solid.  A team such as the Orioles, Pirates, Blue Jays and even Yankees could use his services.  He is a pitcher who has been there before and can add value.  Is this a game changer in terms of prospects or major league ready talent, no!.  However with possible 7-8 starters for next year the Mets can clear salary and maybe get a top 5 prospect in return. 

Daniel Murphy (.288/.335 7, 37) – For the past year I have been saying “Why would you trade your most consistent hitter”.  Well my tune has changed and maybe at this point it might be wise to see what we can get in return for Murphy.  He has been a great teammate, player and Met.  Stability at 2B has been something teams need, so maybe some teams need him more then us.  It is clear the Mets will be run as a mid-market team and not the NY Team as they should be.  With that why not make the trade.  Wilmer Flores is very Murphy like as he does not have a position.  Flores is 22 years old and given a chance to play the last 40 games everyday at 2B would be interesting to see.

Who do the Mets Target: The Mets obviously have the minor league talent to pull off a trade for a big time hitter.  But who do they trade, Plawecki, Montero, Syndergaard, DeGrom, Matz… If you are like me trading any of the above makes you cringe.  Who doesn’t want to see these home grown kids (yes Syndergaard is a trade, but we have watered) blossom in Mets uniforms.  But the reality of it is the Mets are not going to go buy players as the resources are not there.  Do we look to the Rockies (Tulo, CarGo), do we look to the Cubs (Castro, Baez), where do we look.  One name that has not been mentioned as it would be a crazy concept, but how about look to Cleveland and Brantley.  He is an emerging star who is young and by trading him Cleveland could revamp their pitching with young arms.  Tulo and CarGo can never stay healthy and have the “Coors Field” factor, the Cubs prospects would be huge upgrades over Tejada, but still not proven and have baggage. 

Last Minute Thoughts:

It is time to find a spot for Flores and see what he can do over 40 + games of consistent play.  At 22 he has really proven it all at AAA.  Whether it is at short or 2nd it is time to give him a legit shot and see if he has A)Spot on this roster in 2015 or B)Trade value.

Lets face it, Chris Young is Chris Young and it is time to say goodbye.  By hanging onto him it is not going to change the mistake Alderson made in signing him.  We all know it was a mistake, time to let him go and let someone take the roster spot.

Tejada has been very good since Flores was sent back to AAA.  However even if he gets on at a .350 clip, hits .240 he is still a light hitting option.  This team needs more, needs someone with some speed, pop and potential.  Walking in front of the pitcher a OBP champ it does not make. 

The 9 of 11 streak showed the Mets have some pieces both hitting and pitching and maybe really not to far away.  Duda, Wright, Granderson, D’Arnaud, and Lagares are all here to stay for 2015.  Add a everyday left fielder and short stop and you have something.  The last 50 + games should be watched with hope and optimism.  The Mets are going in right direction, time for management/ownership to help put that turbo on the future.  2014 was the goal, but 2015 could be legit!



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