Anger Post – Today’s Lineup

If you are a true NY Mets fan you will read the below and shake your head just like I am doing.  You may agree, you may disagree or you may even have more anger and issues.  If you have more points please tweet them over, love to enjoy the misery of other NY Met fans after today.


  1. I have supported TC this year with his bad game management, weird use of lefty righty matchups and his line-ups constantly changing as he is only working with what he has.  But today’s line-up and the fact Juan Lagares has not been playing really sends a message he is lost.  The Mets are not going to win this year, it is obvious by the lack of talent in the batting order.  We know what Tejada is and now time to play Lagares and see what he can do everyday.  When he is playing he plays well.  If the Mets lose 2 of 3 or get swept this weekend vs. Washington a change is needed.
  2. What was the sense of bringing up Flores to sit on the bench?  He was hitting the cover off the ball in Vegas only to come up and sit on the bench.  This is a waste of a 22 year old and not see what he can do everyday at short.  Tejada is Tejada, what are you expecting to happen with Tejada TC.
  3. The release of Farnsworth to save $$ was an indication they have money issues.  This was a move that screamed loud and clear the team can’t spend $$.  Farnsworth was not going to be an All-Star closer, but he was better then Valverde.  Those of you that still think Drew is an option probably still think 90 wins is happening.
  4. Bringing up Montero and DeGrom was nothing more then a smokescreen to fool fans into thinking the Mets are serious.  Both Montero and DeGrom will be shipped back to AAA at some point to save service time.  Just you wait and see….
  5. Finally I am a true NY Met fan right down to the Mets logo tattooed on my left shoulder.  I only want to see the Mets win and make smart decisions for the future.  Today’s line-up made me question if this organization and current manager can make the smart decisions to make this team viable once again.

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