My News, Notes, Etc…

The Mets are 15-11 and if anyone saw this coming after the 0-3 start vs. the Nationals please raise your hand.  Take away that series and the Mets are 15-8 in their last 23 games.  No matter what people will say that is a very strong stretch and a sample size of what the Mets could be.  Below are some news, notes based on me, no sources or inside info, just my mind at work as a Met fan.

  • For those who were very upset the Mets choose Lucas Duda over Ike Davis, lets look at Ike’s current numbers with Pittsburgh:  He is currently on a 0-16 run and with Pittsburgh is hitting .190 with a .290 on base %.  Add in 1 home run and 4 rbi on one swing of the bat.  Not saying Lucas is the answer at 1st, but he sure is playing better right now.
  • 4 outfielders will not work.  Time to plug in Juan in Center, CY in Left and Curtis in Right.   EY has done a great job so far, but as he did last year he is showing over the long run he can’t play everyday.  Over the last 7 days he is hitting .190 with a .190 on base %.  Plug EY in 2-3 times a week and go from there. 
  • With Juan coming off the DL tomorrow we need to figure out who goes.  It looks like Kirk will be sent back to AAA.  Kirk did a very good job with limited opportunity.  Bobby A. will be a good pinch hitter, but Kirk has more versatility. 
  • Daniel Murphy continues to hit, hit and hit.  Is it time to look at locking him in to a long term deal?  He has a few moments at second where you think he is a below average fielder, but he also makes some very strong plays.  A lefty hitter who hits .300, steals bases and drives in runs would be hard to replace.
  • Wilmer Flores played first base last night in Vegas.  I believe it was more to help with the finger injury, but wouldn’t it be nice to have him replace Satin and get Flores 4-5 games a week between first base and short stop.  If he hits it will only increase his trade value.  Satin is a good bench player, but with Abreu on the team I think we have our fill of good bench players who have no trade value.

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