My News, Notes, Etc…

The Mets are 15-11 and if anyone saw this coming after the 0-3 start vs. the Nationals please raise your hand.  Take away that series and the Mets are 15-8 in their last 23 games.  No matter what people will say that is a very strong stretch and a sample size of what the Mets could be.  Below are some news, notes based on me, no sources or inside info, just my mind at work as a Met fan.

  • For those who were very upset the Mets choose Lucas Duda over Ike Davis, lets look at Ike’s current numbers with Pittsburgh:  He is currently on a 0-16 run and with Pittsburgh is hitting .190 with a .290 on base %.  Add in 1 home run and 4 rbi on one swing of the bat.  Not saying Lucas is the answer at 1st, but he sure is playing better right now.
  • 4 outfielders will not work.  Time to plug in Juan in Center, CY in Left and Curtis in Right.   EY has done a great job so far, but as he did last year he is showing over the long run he can’t play everyday.  Over the last 7 days he is hitting .190 with a .190 on base %.  Plug EY in 2-3 times a week and go from there. 
  • With Juan coming off the DL tomorrow we need to figure out who goes.  It looks like Kirk will be sent back to AAA.  Kirk did a very good job with limited opportunity.  Bobby A. will be a good pinch hitter, but Kirk has more versatility. 
  • Daniel Murphy continues to hit, hit and hit.  Is it time to look at locking him in to a long term deal?  He has a few moments at second where you think he is a below average fielder, but he also makes some very strong plays.  A lefty hitter who hits .300, steals bases and drives in runs would be hard to replace.
  • Wilmer Flores played first base last night in Vegas.  I believe it was more to help with the finger injury, but wouldn’t it be nice to have him replace Satin and get Flores 4-5 games a week between first base and short stop.  If he hits it will only increase his trade value.  Satin is a good bench player, but with Abreu on the team I think we have our fill of good bench players who have no trade value.

10-9 – Where are Mets Going?

The season has started off and the Mets problems have come full circle from the off season and yet the team is 10-9 which is very respectable with the Mets early schedule.  Take away the first 3 games of the season and the Mets are 10-6 over their last 16 games.  Lets take a look at the issues they still need to address:

  1. 1B – Like it or not Lucas Duda is now the starting first baseman for your Mets.  This situation should have been handled well before 12 games into the season, but ultimately the goal was met by trading Ike and naming 1 starting first baseman.  I think we all will say we hope Ike does well in Pittsburgh as he handled the last 3 months with a great deal of professionalism. 
  2. SS – We are all high on the horse right now after Ruben made two great plays in the 2-0 win against the Cardinals.  But lets look deeper into the SS position and show it is still a major gap in the offense.  I have been calling for Wilmer Flores to be brought up, plugged into SS and see what he can do with the bat.  After yesterday’s great defense saved what could have been big innings, I still say bring up Wilmer.  His offense will out weigh his defense.  The Mets can not have 2 dead outs at the bottom of line-up.
  3. Bullpen – The bullpen has been surprising good since that throwaway series to open the year.  I think TC has handled the bullpen poorly at times, but then again he is missing a lot of talent.  Valverde, Farnsworth and crew will only hold up so long before something needs to be done.  The Mets have arms in the minors but do not feel the need to convert their extra starters to the pen.  Lets hope Sandy is planning on using those 8 legit starting pitchers the Mets have to bring in some additional offense.

Where do the Mets go from here:

  1. First off Ike is gone.  As we said we are all going to root for Ike in Pittsburgh, but lets not compare what Ike does to what Lucas will do.  Ike needed a change and so did the Mets.  He has a better line-up in Pittsburgh and a better park to hit in.  We wish him well….
  2. The Mets have 8 starting pitchers ready for MLB play, is it time to move to the bullpen or trade for a SS/bullpen arms?  It will be interesting to see what Sandy does here.  Mets seem determined to have Montero never pitch in a Mets uniform.  If Noah is on track for a June call-up, we will have DeGrom and Montero sitting in AAA and they for sure can help in pen or help trade for bullpen/SS.
  3. Lets watch the progression of Juan Lagares once he comes back.  He has a great start to the season and many scouts are comparing him to Carlos Gomez.  If that is the case and Juan can be a productive bat he could turn into a cornerstone of the Mets future along with the pitching staff they are building. 

Overall I can’t point out enough the Mets are 10-9 with the issues above.  If the Mets truly have no payroll issues then it is time to show it and make a move.  The Ike move showed they are not afraid to make a tough decision and this team is sticking together.  I just hope Sandy has a plan not for the future, but for the next few weeks to show fans the Mets are serious and that 10-9 is just the start.  Time to address the issues that still linger from spring.