Notes, Notes, Notes….

The second half of the season is in full swing and the Mets just took 2 out of 3 from the Phillies.  The Phillies went into the break playing as well as the Mets but came out and where outplayed by the Mets.  Is this a sign of the Mets playing better or the Phillies being a sub .500 team.  The notes below will let you decide:

  • Over the last 30 days the Mets are 18-11

The following players are leading the charge over the last 30 days:

  •  Marlon Byrd – .313 6hr 23RBI
  • David Wright – .326 4hr 9RBI
  • Juan Lagares – .316 1hr 11RBI
  • Eric Young – .292 0hr 8RBI 10SB

To Trade or not to trade:

  • Marlon Byrd: Byrd’s above numbers stack up against some of the best in the game over the last 30 days.  If you were a team like the Yankees, Rangers, Braves, etc.. wouldn’t you be looking at Marlon?  Marlon’s contract is super cheap for a 3 month rental.  If a team gets desperate could they offer the Mets a major league ready B+ or A prospect?  Is a world series or deep playoff run possible for one of these teams and worth a prospect?  Is it worth it for the Mets to hold onto Byrd in hopes to resign him and get same production in 2014?
  • John Buck: Buck has picked it up a bit in the last 30 days.  He is still hitting low .200, but the power and run production seems to have picked up.  This seems to come in relation to Recker getting more time behind the plate and Buck getting some rest.  Was Buck overworked?

Overall the Mets are playing much better and have a lot of young pitching coming… The offense has been hitting much better with EY setting the table for Murphy, Wright and Byrd.  Ike is a mystery and Satin is a question.  Lagares maybe has a future on this team and needs to continue to get AB’s.  .500 should be a goal for the remainder of 2013. 



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