Ike Returns – Good or Bad Thing?

Ike Davis is set to return to the Mets today after posting the following #’s in AAA.  Note the PCL is known as a very hitter friendly league so take these #’s with the below

  • 293 avg. in 75 AB’s –   Overall we expect Ike to be no better than a .260 hitter in the big leagues, so this is not to far off
  • 7 HR – Shows his swing is at least driving the ball unlike he did in NY before the demotion
  • 13 RBI – Eh, 7 HR will lead to at least this amount.  Nothing mind blowing
  • .424 OBP – This includes 17 BB and 18 SO.  It is showing that Ike is seeing the ball much better and taking pitches.  Will it translate to the big leagues, that remains to be seen

Overall Ike put up decent #’s in a hitters friendly league.  And yes Josh Satin has been very good over the past few weeks.  His line of .353/.468/1HR/7RBI has been impressive, but lets ask ourselves, is Josh really the future at 1B for the Mets? 

The Mets currently site 12 games under .500 with exactly half the season left to play.  The Mets need to take the next 25 games to see what they have with Ike.  If Ike can show over these 25 games (playing everyday) that he is the Ike of 2nd half last year, then the season plays out and we move to 2014 with Ike as at 1B and hope he doesn’t repeat 2012 and 2013.  If after the next 25 games Ike is still struggling then we have 50 + games to plug in Satin and see what he can do with 150 + at bats. 

So Mets fans, over the next 81 games we must remember that what we see is a try out for 2014.  The Mets have shown over the 1st 81 games that if they can strengthen their bullpen the pitching staff is pretty darn good and more young arms are coming.  Hitting is the biggest issue and some pieces are there.  Time to try out a few more guys to see what we actually have and go fill the holes.



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