Youth, Trades, 90 games left

With 72 games down and 90 to go lets recap what we know based on those 72 games:

  1. David Wright is worth the huge contract, he is the team’s past, present and future
  2. We need some young hitting to step up and begin to contribute
  3. The young pitchers the Mets have coming are going to be the backbone of this organization
  4. The R.A. Dickey trade was a smart one
  5. Matt Harvey is better than anyone expected

Lets begin with the youth:  If you are following the Mets, the 51’s and the Bison’s you can see pitching is coming and coming strong.  Harvey was the first wave of what can be a special group of starting pitchers.  Montero is now in AAA and has shown he may be ready for the show sometime in 2014 just as Harvey and Wheeler have come up.  Behind Montero is Syndergaard.  Syndergaard just made his first start in AA and could be ready by 2015.  If all stays status quo the Mets could be looking at a rotation of Harvey, Wheeler, Montero, Neise and Syndergaard by opening day 2015.

Trades: Who should stay and who should go?  The best thing for the Mets right now would be for the LA Dodgers to get hot and back into the NL West Race.  The Dodgers need a second baseman and a starter.  How would a package of Daniel Murphy/Hafner or Gee look?  The Mets need some hitting and from the sound of it do not see DM as a long term part of the team.  Wilmer Flores is hitting over .300 with 59RBi’s in AAA right now playing exclusively 2nd base.  If the Mets can put a package together for Ethier and say Dee Gordon they could add to their youth core.  Gordon can become the speed threat they need and Ethier is risk worth taking provided the Dodgers kick in some $$.  The other two tradable assets the Mets have is Buck and Byrd.  Neither will bring back top prospects as Beltran did, but maybe add a few young arms that could turn into bullpen pieces down the line.  At this point it is time for Alderson to shine and make some moves to rebuild this team to be ready in 2015.

Finally with 90 games to go I would like to see the following:

  1. Ike Davis show some signs of life when called back up to the big leagues (Hearing Thursday)
  2. Wilmer Flores given a good 50 games to see if he can hit and field on the big league level
  3. Cesar Puello get called up and play everyday in OF before a possible suspension
  4. Make viable trades that just doesn’t dump players but brings in players that will help the rest of 2013 and improve the team for 2014
  5. Travis make a full recovery and get about 50 games behind the plate and be set to go in 2014 as the everyday catcher

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