That didn’t work…

Just when you think the Mets have hit rock bottom after what they called “big changes” after Sunday’s sweep to the Marlins, Tuesday’s game happened. The Mets went into the game with really only two offensive players having decent years. Of course I am talking about Murphy and Wright. Both seem to be the cornerstone of the offense and leaders of a rebuilding team.

So what do the Mets do, they move Murphy to 1b so they can get a look at Valedespin at 2b. Lets see how that turned out? Well Murphy who has worked hard at his defense and become a pretty decent 2b was put in a tough situation and made an error that caused the flood gates to open. I am not really sure the logic of seeing Valedespin playing heavily at 2b. Murphy is a 155-160 games a year player. Valedespin is a fringe major leaguer who is not the future at 2b. Why not give him six straight starts in RF and leave Murphy alone. Oh and the kicker in all this is your have a 1b playing left field in Duda… So to recap your everyday and future 2b was playing 1b, your 4th or 5th outfielder was playing 2b and a 1b was playing left field. Yes this all makes sense NYM….. Hopefully tonight David Wright can play CF so we can get a look at Lagares at 3b….

I understand this is going to be a tough year and pretty much a lost year in the history of the Mets. But it doesn’t have to turn into a side show of bad moves and poor management. The future was supposed to start in 2014, but if the last two weeks have shown the Mets do not have the talent or management to make that happen.


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