Pick a Line-up and Stick With It

The off day has come and gone and some new life has been brought into the locker room.  With that being said it is time to see if the kids can really play or not and what we actually have going into 2014.  My constant call for Puello and Flores to be here instead of Cowgill and Satin have gone on deaf ears, but oh well.  Lets work with what we have for a few weeks and go from there.  He is what I think the line-up should look like.  Collins needs to throw out this whole lefty/righty stuff and let the kids play consistently.  What is the worse that happens, we lose…

Line-up going forward:

  1. Valedespin – 2b
  2. Murphy – 1b
  3. Wright – 3b
  4. Duda – LF
  5. Buck – Catcher
  6. Nieuwenhuis – RF
  7. Lagares – CF
  8. Quintanilla – SS
  9. Pitcher

Yes this leaves only 3 RH batters in the line-up but we need to see these kids play… Again we are losing now with Collins lefty/righty line-up so why not let the kids see what they can do…


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