Tough Night For Mets, or Was It?

Well for 8 innings the Mets looked like they would end their ugly 3 game losing streak, but then it happened.  When Lyon came in for the 8th did we really think the 2-1 lead would hold up?  Well it did, Lyon did his job.  It always seems like not everything can click for the Mets at once.  They got another strong outing by Jeremy Hefner only to see it lost in the bottom of the 9th.  We can’t fully put the blame on Bobby Parnell as he has been the one real constant the Mets have had in the pitching staff this year aside from Harvey.  Yes he blew the save and did it before recording an out, but the Met gave this game away before Bobby ever entered the game.  Lets look at the numbers:

Murphy, Wright, Duda, Buck and Davis combined to go 0-19 in the game.  They left 5 runners on base and struck out 3x.  The other three in the line-up went 4-9 and that was Q, Ankiel and Valedespin.  This with very good pitching for 8 innings your big 5 have to at least do better than 0-19…Hefner lowered his ERA to 4.36 and not has 7 quality starts in a row.  He deserved better…

Notes: All signs point to 20 + players being named in the latest PED scandal.  In some reports it is alleged that Cesar Puello could be one suspended.  Cesar seems to be the Mets most complete OF prospect who is close to being ready to make an impact on the big league level.  Lets stay tuned to the news to see what happens, but it looks dim that we may see Cesar in a Mets uniform in 2013…


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