2014 Free Agent Targets

The Mets go into the offseason with only about 25 million in salary committeed for 2014 (This does not include arbitration eligible players).  With that they should finally be players in the FA market again.  Below is a quick list of free agents and who the Mets should go after:

1.  Robinson  Cano – Not going to happen

2.  Shin-Soo  Choo – Sign him long term and put him in right field.  Great OBP guy

3.  Jacoby  Ellsbury – Would be a great addition to CF for year’s to come.  Has speed and can add the dynamic that has been missing once Jose left town

4.  Brian  McCann – Catcher is not a need

5.  Hunter  Pence – Jason Bay 2.0

6.  Matt  Garza – Would be a nice addition to the staff, but hitting and relief pitching is the bigger target

7.  Hiroki  Kuroda – Does not fit into a young team building to win in 2015

8.  A.J. Burnett – See Hiroki Kuroda and his year’s with Yankees…

9.  Carlos  Beltran – Been there, done that.  Thanks for Zack Wheeler

10.  Mike  Napoli – No real position for a NL Team

If the Mets can somehow pull off both Choo and Elisbury they could have a projected line-up like this:

  1. Elisbury CF
  2. Murphy 2B
  3. Wright 3B
  4. Duda LF
  5. Choo RF
  6. Davis 1B
  7. d’Arnaud C
  8. Tejada/Flores SS
  9. Pitcher

With a rotation like this:

  1. Harvey
  2. Neise
  3. Wheeler
  4. Montero
  5. Gee

Put those two things together and the 2014 Mets do not look so bad, assuming they can also add some real players to their bullpen.


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