Swan Song for Gee?

With the Mets running off 4 straight wins to move to 21-29, can some changes finally be coming?  Tonight Dillon Gee and his 2-6 record with a 6.34 ERA take the mound at Yankee Stadium.  Gee has been a very good 5 inning pitcher usually with a bad inning mixed in and then runs out of gas in the 6th inning.  From all indications Zack Wheeler is basically on a plane to the big leagues and it is coming down to Gee and Hefner on who will lose their spot in the rotation.  Right now Hefner is 1-5 with a 4.74 ERA.  If you take a look over their numbers Hefner has far better numbers.  Gee has shown he would be a great middle relief pitcher.  This Mets management group has been a very loyal group and hopefully their loyalty to Gee will not force them to make a move that doesn’t make sense.  It is clear that Gee needs to leave the rotation and Hefner needs to stay.

Last 7 days:  Over the last 7 days the big three has carried the Mets offensively.  See below:

Murphy – .333, 0hr, 3rbi in 24AB’s

Duda – .320, 1hr, 5rbi in 25AB’s

Wright – .304, 1hr, 2rbi in 23AB’s

Ike Davis is hitting .250 in the last 7 days with 4RBI and 11K’s in 20AB’s….


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