3 in a row, I still want change

Well yesterday’s blog talked about how the big three hitters for the Mets carried the team during the past two wins.  Last night, for the 3rd straight win the boys made me a genius.  I said despite the 2 wins it was Murphy, Wright and Duda carrying the offensive torch.  Last night against the best closer in baseball history the Mets had (in order) Murphy, Wright then Duda due up.  If I was going to be right, the boys would need to produce.  Murphy lead off with a double, Wright singled, then advanced to second as Rivera didn’t back up the catcher, finally Duda (who went 2-4) came up and singled to right center to drive home Wright, 2-1 Mets win, house goes nuts!!!

With all the good of yesterdays win, Murphy, Wright, Duda and especially Harvey, there continues to be the ugly.  Lets start with the obvious, Ike Davis.  Ike continued to struggle and batted 8th in the line-up.  In the two game series at Citi Field Ike went 0-6 with 5k’s.  The only time he touched the ball he hit a weak ground ball to 2nd.  Alderson and Collins need to realize this isn’t going to get better.  Are they going to bat him 9th tonight in hopes your power hitter pops out of this?  Let be honest, send Ike to Vegas and move on…

Next issue it Tejada.  He has struggled all year both in the field and at the plate.  He is still young and Vegas is a hitting machine for players.  Let’s do a two for Tuesday (Wednesday) and send both Ike and Ruben to Vegas to get them right.  Would it be the worst thing for Ruben to have a few months in AAA… Like I said, he is still young…

With Ike and Ruben going down what do we do… I am still on the bandwagon of moving Duda to first and bringing up Corey Vaughn to play LF.  However, talk is Murphy moves to first base and Turner plays more.  I would like to keep Murphy at 2b as he is playing very well there and his hitting has been top notch.  But… if they do move Murphy to first I would like to see Wilmer Flores called up and starting at 2b fulltime.

Finally Mets fans, enjoy the 3 in a row against two very good teams.  Keep it up, it is much more fun to see wins then losses….


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