2 in a row, what now?

Well it was a 2-2 weekend for the Mets vs. the Braves and Yankees.  Two bad losses on Friday and Saturday and two hard fought win on Sunday and Monday… So where does that leave the Mets, 19-29 still 10 games under .500..  Lets look at the two wins in depth.  Yes Ike Davis came through with the big hit on Sunday but came back on Monday and went 0-3 with 3k’s vs. the Yankees on Monday.  This was against a right with a 5 + era.  The Mets can not use the “big hit” as an excuse to keep Ike at the major league level.  3 more games vs. the Yankees will show Ike is still slumping and need to send him down.  The two wins showed also that the big three for the Mets, Wright, Murphy and Duda are still carrying the team.  Time to move Duda to first and build around the core of Wright, Murphy and Duda on the infield.  Duda is batting .304 over the last 7 games which is over 23 abs.  He had a bad slump but even in that slump he was hitting the ball hard.  Move him to first and lets see what he can do without the pressure of playing LF, as we all saw yesterday (and felt), Lucas Duda is not a corner outfielder. 

All signs point to Wheeler here in the next few weeks, Montero can’t be far behind.  Future is now to play the young players and see what we got. 

Harvey throws tonight, Let’s go Mets!


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