Off Day, Changes?

The 2013 NY Mets season is now a little over a quarter complete.  With that the team sits 17-27 and headed downhill fast.  With todays off day the Mets need to shake things up and make some roster changes to help put some life back in the team and fans.  A three game series against the rival Atlanta Braves this week could be the end.. If I was Sandy Alderson sitting in my office today, I would make the following moves on the off day:

  1. Ship Ike Davis to LV to help get both his swing and head right.  Being in NY right now is not going to help get Ike back on track.  Let him head off to Vegas for a few weeks to see if he can find his swing without the NY pressure.  LV is a hitter friendly park and putting up some big stats will help Ike. 
  2. Who replaces Ike at 1B you ask?  Well this is easy, move your out of place LF in to play his natural position of 1B.  Lucas Duda has some potential and in 2011 put up his best offensive numbers while playing his natural position of 1B.  By moving Lucas to 1B we can see if this helps him out of his mini slump.  If Lucas begins producing while not worrying about LF duties it would be a good problem to have once Ike regains his stroke.  If Ike makes it back to NY quickly, moving Lucas back to LF will not hurt his outfield ability or lack there off…
  3. Bring up Corey Vaughn, stick him in LF and let him play everyday to see what he has.  Corey has the slash line of .302 avg/5 HR/27RBI/.389 OBS.  Not to shabby and remember he is not in LV where numbers are inflated.  He is 25 years old and not one of the Mets top 20 prospects.  If he comes up and succeeds it is a bonus for the Mets.  If he comes up and fails we didn’t hurt the growth of a top prospect.
  4. Move Dillon Gee to the bullpen.  Dillon is a 5 inning pitcher at best.  Between him and Jeremy Hefner you have the same quality of starts but Jeremy can go 7-8 innings while Dillon seems to fade come inning 6.  With Dillon in the bullpen you strengthen your long relief crew and Dillon can pitch that 6/7 inning stretch to get you to the strength of a week bullpen in Lyon/Parnell.  Lets be honest, moving Dillon to the bullpen is just doing something a team with talent would do.  He is at best a 5th starter but could be a solid middle relief player. 

This is my first blog on the Mets and plan to do this daily during the week.  Hope you enjoy my insight.  This is only my opinion and feel free to disagree…


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