5 in a row, Bring on the Fish!

Well those 7 games against the Yankees and Braves certainly turned out way better than anyone had thought.  The Mets ended up winning 5 of 7 which included a sweep of the cross town rival Yankees.  This is the first time the Mets have swept a season series vs. the Yankees.  In this series there was more good then bad.  Here is a quick list of observations on the 7 games:

  1. Yes Ike had two big hits, but he also struck out 11 times in 20 at bats.  This 3 game series vs. the Marlins has to be the breakout time for Ike.  If he struggles this weekend against a VERY bad Marlins club, they have to send him down!
  2. The 15-DL saved Ruben Tejada.  As much as Ike is struggling Ruben has been just as bad.  Yes Ruben is hitting above .200 (barley) but has shown lapses in concentration both on the field and base pads.  Maybe this stint on the DL will give Ruben the kick in the ass he needs.
  3. John Buck and Marlon Byrd are going to be good pick-ups for a contender.  The two of them are both producing just enough to bring back some possible talent come July/August.  John Buck would make a great addition to a contender looking for a rental catcher and the Mets can sell high if he keeps driving in runs.  Byrd can be a fantastic late pick-up for a team needing an outfield boost.  He has shown he can both hit for power and still has some life left in the arm.
  4. The Mets do have a core of talent to build around.  Yes Wright is not young, but he along with Murphy, Duda, Harvey, Neise and Parnell showed in this series the Mets have hope for the future.  You throw in Wheeler, Montero and Travis d’Arnaud and the Mets are looking up. 

The next three games vs. Miami are prime to continue the hot play the Mets established over the last 5 games.  A let down can not happen and anything less then taking 2 of 3 would be a major set back for a team finally catching on.


Swan Song for Gee?

With the Mets running off 4 straight wins to move to 21-29, can some changes finally be coming?  Tonight Dillon Gee and his 2-6 record with a 6.34 ERA take the mound at Yankee Stadium.  Gee has been a very good 5 inning pitcher usually with a bad inning mixed in and then runs out of gas in the 6th inning.  From all indications Zack Wheeler is basically on a plane to the big leagues and it is coming down to Gee and Hefner on who will lose their spot in the rotation.  Right now Hefner is 1-5 with a 4.74 ERA.  If you take a look over their numbers Hefner has far better numbers.  Gee has shown he would be a great middle relief pitcher.  This Mets management group has been a very loyal group and hopefully their loyalty to Gee will not force them to make a move that doesn’t make sense.  It is clear that Gee needs to leave the rotation and Hefner needs to stay.

Last 7 days:  Over the last 7 days the big three has carried the Mets offensively.  See below:

Murphy – .333, 0hr, 3rbi in 24AB’s

Duda – .320, 1hr, 5rbi in 25AB’s

Wright – .304, 1hr, 2rbi in 23AB’s

Ike Davis is hitting .250 in the last 7 days with 4RBI and 11K’s in 20AB’s….

3 in a row, I still want change

Well yesterday’s blog talked about how the big three hitters for the Mets carried the team during the past two wins.  Last night, for the 3rd straight win the boys made me a genius.  I said despite the 2 wins it was Murphy, Wright and Duda carrying the offensive torch.  Last night against the best closer in baseball history the Mets had (in order) Murphy, Wright then Duda due up.  If I was going to be right, the boys would need to produce.  Murphy lead off with a double, Wright singled, then advanced to second as Rivera didn’t back up the catcher, finally Duda (who went 2-4) came up and singled to right center to drive home Wright, 2-1 Mets win, house goes nuts!!!

With all the good of yesterdays win, Murphy, Wright, Duda and especially Harvey, there continues to be the ugly.  Lets start with the obvious, Ike Davis.  Ike continued to struggle and batted 8th in the line-up.  In the two game series at Citi Field Ike went 0-6 with 5k’s.  The only time he touched the ball he hit a weak ground ball to 2nd.  Alderson and Collins need to realize this isn’t going to get better.  Are they going to bat him 9th tonight in hopes your power hitter pops out of this?  Let be honest, send Ike to Vegas and move on…

Next issue it Tejada.  He has struggled all year both in the field and at the plate.  He is still young and Vegas is a hitting machine for players.  Let’s do a two for Tuesday (Wednesday) and send both Ike and Ruben to Vegas to get them right.  Would it be the worst thing for Ruben to have a few months in AAA… Like I said, he is still young…

With Ike and Ruben going down what do we do… I am still on the bandwagon of moving Duda to first and bringing up Corey Vaughn to play LF.  However, talk is Murphy moves to first base and Turner plays more.  I would like to keep Murphy at 2b as he is playing very well there and his hitting has been top notch.  But… if they do move Murphy to first I would like to see Wilmer Flores called up and starting at 2b fulltime.

Finally Mets fans, enjoy the 3 in a row against two very good teams.  Keep it up, it is much more fun to see wins then losses….

2 in a row, what now?

Well it was a 2-2 weekend for the Mets vs. the Braves and Yankees.  Two bad losses on Friday and Saturday and two hard fought win on Sunday and Monday… So where does that leave the Mets, 19-29 still 10 games under .500..  Lets look at the two wins in depth.  Yes Ike Davis came through with the big hit on Sunday but came back on Monday and went 0-3 with 3k’s vs. the Yankees on Monday.  This was against a right with a 5 + era.  The Mets can not use the “big hit” as an excuse to keep Ike at the major league level.  3 more games vs. the Yankees will show Ike is still slumping and need to send him down.  The two wins showed also that the big three for the Mets, Wright, Murphy and Duda are still carrying the team.  Time to move Duda to first and build around the core of Wright, Murphy and Duda on the infield.  Duda is batting .304 over the last 7 games which is over 23 abs.  He had a bad slump but even in that slump he was hitting the ball hard.  Move him to first and lets see what he can do without the pressure of playing LF, as we all saw yesterday (and felt), Lucas Duda is not a corner outfielder. 

All signs point to Wheeler here in the next few weeks, Montero can’t be far behind.  Future is now to play the young players and see what we got. 

Harvey throws tonight, Let’s go Mets!

No Moves, Come on!

Well the off day came and went like a fart in the wind.  No shake up, no call ups, not demotions.  If you step back and take a look at things this may be a good thing.  Currently the Mets are 17-27 and have their next 7 games against the Braves and Yankees who are a combined 56-36.  A quick look of the numbers really shows why the Mets didn’t need to make any moves to help the roster. Currently the Mets are:

  • 23rd out of 30 in MLB Team Batting
  • 10 out of 15 in NL Team Batting
  • 25 out of 30 in MLB Team Pitching
  • 14 out of 15 in NL Team Pitching

What do those numbers tell me?  Tells me changes need to be made.  If the Mets lose 5 out of 7 to the Braves and Yankees what happens next…. Well check back on Tuesday to find out…

Quick Notes:

  • Who’s Hot Last 7 days:
  • Juan Lagares .500/1hr/2rbi/4ab
  • Rick Ankiel .368/1hr/4rbi/19ab
  • Daniel Murphy .333/2hr/4rbi/24ab
  • Scott Rice 1-0/0.00era/4ip
  • Greg Burke 0-0/0.00ers/2.1ip
  • Who’s Not:
  • Ike Davis .063/0/0/16ab
  • Ruben Tejada .136/0/0/22ab
  • John Buck .167/0/0/18ab
  • Colin McHugh 0-0/12.00ers/3.0ip



Off Day, Changes?

The 2013 NY Mets season is now a little over a quarter complete.  With that the team sits 17-27 and headed downhill fast.  With todays off day the Mets need to shake things up and make some roster changes to help put some life back in the team and fans.  A three game series against the rival Atlanta Braves this week could be the end.. If I was Sandy Alderson sitting in my office today, I would make the following moves on the off day:

  1. Ship Ike Davis to LV to help get both his swing and head right.  Being in NY right now is not going to help get Ike back on track.  Let him head off to Vegas for a few weeks to see if he can find his swing without the NY pressure.  LV is a hitter friendly park and putting up some big stats will help Ike. 
  2. Who replaces Ike at 1B you ask?  Well this is easy, move your out of place LF in to play his natural position of 1B.  Lucas Duda has some potential and in 2011 put up his best offensive numbers while playing his natural position of 1B.  By moving Lucas to 1B we can see if this helps him out of his mini slump.  If Lucas begins producing while not worrying about LF duties it would be a good problem to have once Ike regains his stroke.  If Ike makes it back to NY quickly, moving Lucas back to LF will not hurt his outfield ability or lack there off…
  3. Bring up Corey Vaughn, stick him in LF and let him play everyday to see what he has.  Corey has the slash line of .302 avg/5 HR/27RBI/.389 OBS.  Not to shabby and remember he is not in LV where numbers are inflated.  He is 25 years old and not one of the Mets top 20 prospects.  If he comes up and succeeds it is a bonus for the Mets.  If he comes up and fails we didn’t hurt the growth of a top prospect.
  4. Move Dillon Gee to the bullpen.  Dillon is a 5 inning pitcher at best.  Between him and Jeremy Hefner you have the same quality of starts but Jeremy can go 7-8 innings while Dillon seems to fade come inning 6.  With Dillon in the bullpen you strengthen your long relief crew and Dillon can pitch that 6/7 inning stretch to get you to the strength of a week bullpen in Lyon/Parnell.  Lets be honest, moving Dillon to the bullpen is just doing something a team with talent would do.  He is at best a 5th starter but could be a solid middle relief player. 

This is my first blog on the Mets and plan to do this daily during the week.  Hope you enjoy my insight.  This is only my opinion and feel free to disagree…